May 13, 2005

starry, starry night

Starry Night by Van Gogh Posted by Hello

I am waiting for the night
when I can put my head up high
looking at the perfect sky
and knowing that my lucky star
is the brightest
among the starry, starry night.

May 12, 2005

reality shows: fever still on

Yesterday was the conclusion for Amazing Race 7. Thank god Rob and Amber didn't win the race! Even reality shows have good moral values. Good people will always win. Uchenna and Joyce had proven that karma does exists. They had been very helpful throughout the race. Still remember Uchenna helping Meredith stacking up the boats although it was a tight race. And yesterday they make sure they begged enough money to pay the taxi driver although they are just few steps away from 1 million dollar. Talk about ethics!

This is not exactly my favourite season. I should say that season 4 and 5 were my favourites.

There's too many reality shows and most of them are pretty good. Almost the entire week, I have something to look forward to:

Monday - Fear Factor, The Contender
Tuesday - Average Joe, Queer Eyes For Straight Guys (old season)
Wednesday - American Idol, Amazing Race
Thursday - American Idol (result show)
Friday - rest day
Saturday - Queer Eyes (new season)
Sunday - Apprentice

And talking about American Idol, Anthony is out. I guess next week will be Vonzell, unless miracle happened.

May 10, 2005

tennis vs football

A couple of nights ago I spent more than 5 hours staying awake watching the tennis match between Nadal and Coria. It was a magnificent final between the two rivals. I first saw them played a month ago in the ATP Masters Series in Monte Carlo. That time Nadal only played four sets to win. This time was a tough one. Nadal with injury (the blister on his finger was badly injured that it turned into a cut) only managed to win just because Coria made a mistake in the final point that decide the winner.

I should say that Nadal has the talent and luck to be a winner. I first saw him played in Australian Open earlier this year. The match between him and Hewitt was memorable. From that time onwards I believe Nadal (only 18 years old) will be the future champion. He has proven so far that he's the world number 1 in the making with his five championship winning streak so far.

Hope he will have enough rest after a hectic match and recover from injury soon. If we are lucky, maybe we get to see Nadal and Coria in the final again to battle for French Open. Nadal is a daring player but if he doesn't change his strategy, Coria will definitely find room to improve and might eventually win over Nadal (if they meet again in the French Open, I really hope so). They are probably the best players on clay this year.

And tonight there's a match between Manchester United and Chelsea. Well, I don't really care much about the result as Chelsea already won the Championship, but it would be great to see the two giants playing. I predict a draw but you wouldn't know what will happened. Reality is it doesn't really matter. It's just a training ground for Man U before their FA Cup final with Arsenal.

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