Oct 3, 2017

Thinking of betting on tennis matches - facts you should know

Counted amongst the purest betting sports throughout the world, tennis is actively bet on by a great multitude of punters throughout the world. Considering there are hardly any external influences on players’ performance, and the contest is always one on one, you can effectively pick a winner based on heaps of unbiased data gathered from the previous matches. Tennis betting tips from various off-line and online platforms can come in pretty handy too. Let’s take you through some important facts you should be aware of if you’re starting out with tennis betting

The draw
You must pay close attention to the draw if you are planning to place an outright bet on a tennis tournament. You should know who all might fall in the path of the player you’re backing to go all the way till the end. How has that player fared against those opponents in the past? Although you may most likely back one of the top seeds to win, but if that player is expected to take on Federer, Murray, Nadal or Djokovic en route to the final, chances are your bet may not pay off.

Current form
Current form is another important aspect you must pay heed to. Before backing any player, you must see how he/she has been performing in other tournaments that year. Ample consideration would also need to be given to the playing surface. Remember, some players play particularly well on certain services. For instance, you can never rule out Nadal at French Open even if he has had a bad run in the previous tournaments in a given year.

Head to head statistics
Although head to head data is important, you must put it into context before placing any bets. Recent encounters between two players on the same surface holds much more value than historic matches played between them on different courts. Furthermore, there are plenty of subtle stats you should pay attention to before backing anyone. For instance, some players are good at handling big servers compared to the others, while some don’t fare very well against players that have a high first-serve return percentage. It’s important to be very thorough when you’re placing such bets.

This is another important aspect which comes into play in the best of five tennis matches. Although the tennis players nowadays take great care of their fitness levels, even the best may have a hard time maintaining top form if they were involved in a five-hour long five set match the day before. Furthermore, some players have a tendency of retiring early in small events, especially if they are nursing some injury. Others like Sam Querrey or Roger Federer like fighting their way till the end, no matter what. Please note, neither of these players have ever retired hurt from a match.

In addition, retirements are far less common when it comes to Grand Slams, however, fitness levels and injuries can indeed play a major role, as has been seen in the past.

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