May 6, 2005

more recovery

Finally, there's hope for my pc. I'm not really sure about the problem (although I believe it has to do with the adapter setting) but it's definitely not about the BIOS.

I've just came back to uni to get more info on the OS setup and by tonight I'll be able to get the pc to start working again. Phew, instead of spending at least RM80 to get people to fix it for you, better do it yourself. You're not only get to keep the cash but you really learn a lot through the process.

May 5, 2005

Hotel Rwanda - a beautiful film that touches the soul

Last night I attended the week's international film screening at the Asia-Europe Institute in University of Malaya. This beautiful film directed by Terry George was nominated for three Academy Awards recently.

This story is about an ordinary family man and yet a heroic figure who summons extraordinary courage to save livesof over a thousand helpless refugess by granting them shelter in the hotel he manages.

Ten years ago, some of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind took place in the country of Rwanda. And in an era of high-speed communication and round-the-clock news, the events went almost unnoticed by the rest of the world. In only three months, almost 1 million people were brutally murdered.

This is truly an unforgettable and deeply moving film. Certainly the best film I've watched so far.

football recovery: no more blue for Blues

Finally I got over Chelsea losing to Liverpool. Like what Mourinho said, football is cruel. And we have to live with it. The Blues are going to train hard for next season. We'll see if they are going to win a treble or quadruple next year.

And by the way, Mourinho just sign a contract with the management and he's going to stay for 5 more years. Ferguson and Wenger will have a strong competitor for years to come. Believe me, these guys are going to come up together and bombard Mourinho with nonsense. Ferguson said Chelsea does not deserve the Premiership cup, so what about him? Does he win anything? NO! And too bad his team just can't beat Arsenal again. They just have to be satisfy with their third place.

May 4, 2005

what is wrong with football?

Football is a dirty game! It has proven time and time again that bad decisions had been made by uncompetitive referees.

Yesterday we saw the defeat of a champion, Chelsea. The whole world saw Gallas managed to save the ball but a goal was awarded to Luis Garcia. Instead of giving Garcia a penalty kick the stoopid referee acknowledged the goal which didn't passed the goal post at all! I wonder what are those referees for when they can't make wise decision.

Liverpool did well but only to the extent of being defensive. They don't deserve to be in the final in Istanbul. Perhaps it's just a matter of luck or maybe it's a match that has been decided on. Or maybe they won't be around in the Champions League next season, it is best to let them into the final. At least Chelsea still around to compete next year and probably win it.

Critical matched always end up controversial. Perhaps it's a love and hate situation here in football.

May 3, 2005

the heat is on

Tonight is a big night for football fans (particularly Chelsea fans). After winning the Championships three days ago, I believe John Terry and his team mates will strive their very best to win over Liverpool and make it into the final.

It is very obvious that everyone is looking forward for the best teams in Europe to meet at the final. AC Milan vs Chelsea is the perfect match! Well, AC Milan looks convincing and it seems there will be no problem of getting in, it might not be the same with Chelsea. If Liverpool is lucky, they might just squeeze into the final (but I'll cross my fingers they won't). Champions League final should be reserved for the best teams. Liverpool's performance have not been consistent from the beginning of the English Premier League. Currently they are just in the top five position and they are risking of not getting into the Champions League next year.

Jose Mourinho is a genius. I'm sure this man is someone special for not only bringing success for his former Portugese club, Porto, this man is doing the same thing for Chelsea. After winning the Premiership last weekend, this man doesn't look like he's enjoying it to the maximum. He looks as if his mind is focusing on something else, of, course tomorrow's match.

There's no doubt, Mourinho is going to make sure his team work together to get into the final. I predict that this is going to be a 3-0 match. Peter Cech is on his top form and he's definitely not going to concede a goal. Lampard again will prove he's the man! Drogba looks like he's hunger for goals. So, I believe this magnificent player will get one tonight.

Chelsea! Chelsea!

computer failure

What a bad weekend! I spent the whole weekend and on Labour Day to fix my computer. The computer is down at the wrong time. And finally only yesterday I found out that it's the BIOS failure. I hope my files are still there because my most precious script is in there. I can't rewrite the same thing again. Now I have to delay the production of my first non-academic book. Dang!

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