Jun 3, 2005

Nadal and Federer faceoff in today's semifinal

This evening, Astro Supersports is going to show the live telecast of the match between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Who's the champ? Nadal or Federer? Posted by Hello

For me, this is definitely the match of the year. After follow up Rafa's matches since Australian Open earlier this year, this is the match that I've been looking forward to. Although a rematch between Rafa and Coria would be great but this is what tennis fans have been waiting for.

Today's match is definitely no ordinary semifinal. It is the battle to determine who's the best in the world; is Nadal the best player on claycourt?; can the teenage prodigy defeat Federer?; is Nadal the next no.1 player? We will find out the answer tonight.

Jun 2, 2005

a dream French Open semifinal

On Friday Rafael Nadal is going to play the biggest match against world no.1 Roger Federer. On that very same day, it is Rafa's 19th birthday. Rafa improved so much this year and with his solid performance and unbeatable records on claycourt this year, he is definitely my ultimate choice to win at Roland Garros. It's never been better than to win a Grand Slam on birthday.

On the other hand, Federer is not an easy competitor. He makes tennis looks so easy to play. To me he never looks like an aggresive player and yet this guy can manage the court so well. Federer is definitely the genius is tennis.

Whoever who win this match tomorrow is definitely fated to win the Grand Slam. That's for sure. Davydenko or Puerta (the other two players in the semifinal) may be a good competitor in the final but Rafa or Federer have better track records.

May 31, 2005

it's down to quarterfinals

Finally we are at the quarterfinals at Roland Garros. Below are the surviving 16 players (men and women).

Men's singles
Roger Federer vs V. Hanescu
Rafael Nadal vs. David Ferrer
Nikolay Davydenko vs. T. Robredo
G. Canas vs. M. Puerta

Women's singles
Lindsay Davenport vs. Mary Pierce
E. Likhovtseva vs. S. Karatantcheva
N. Petrova vs. Ana Ivanovic
Justine Henin-Hardenne vs. Maria Sharapova

Federer and Rafa are definitely going to meet in the semifinal. They are at their top forms and I don't think Hanescu and Ferrer will be able to compete with them. I would love to see Nadal win. This is his first time at Roland Garros and there is nothing better than to see him winning all the clay court matches this year.

On the women's singles, Davenport is definitely the favourite although Pierce has her homeground fans backing her up in the quarterfinal. Although I'm a fan of Sharapova, I'm not sure if she's going to outplay Justine. Justine is a good player and it's not going to be easy for Sharapova.
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