HCFoo's Tennis Blog is a competitive online marketing tool.
As of March 1, 2011:
  • HTB ranked no.1 in Google search for "Tennis Blog" and no. 2 for "Tennis Blogger".
  • HTB holds a page rank of “4″ and an Alexa Rank of “717,291″.
  • HTB holds a COMPETE rank of 740,895.
  • HTB has an average of 57,000 unique visitors per month.
  • HTB’s mailing list holds over 370 subscribers.
  • HTB holds more than 900 Twitter followers, many of whom are tennis bloggers and tennis personalities.

HCFoo's Tennis Blog offers sponsorship opportunities for companies/individuals/products. We will not let ads compromise the integrity of our editorial or quality of experience on our site. 

Types of Ads Available for Purchase & Rates:

  • Page Banner [125 x 125] ($200 quarterly, $350 half year, $500 yearly)
  • Text Link (from $100 quarterly, $300 yearly)
  • Article Sponsorship: Promote your events or products through sponsored / paid post ($125 per post)
* We verify all links and content to make sure it follows ethical SEO practices.

Advertising FAQ

Question: What Can I Advertise?
Answer: Companies and individuals can advertise products and services related to tennis fashion, beauty or lifestyle. Brands can advertise products, retailers can advertise their websites and individuals can advertise business services related to tennis.
We strive to maintain editorial and service integrity. We review all sponsorships as they are an indirect endorsement of services, products or websites featured. We reserve the right to refuse an advertiser or sponsor for any reason.
Question: What if my artwork or copy isn’t approved by HTB?
Answer: We will make recommendations for proper artwork and copy. We only feature images and copy that align with our website’s aesthetics and editorial voice. 
To make your purchase now, kindly email to

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