Aug 12, 2006

@ MasKargo

For my good friend, SY who is in the logistics business for six years, it was a chance of a lifetime for her to be at the MasKargo and watch the loading of her shipment real time. Because it was quite early for a lady, she invited me to join her and her colleague. We were there at 4 a.m.!

As I had been working in a similar business before and had arranged many airfreight shipments, I thought it was a good opportunity to go and take a look.

The security was tight and after given the approval by the guys at the Korean Air, I was allowed to go in with my friend SY and her colleague. We took some pictures while waiting for unloading. By 5 a.m. it was time to load our machine onto the plane.

It was a great experience to watch the whole process. The last time when I was at MasKargo, I didn't had the opportunity to go in and was only at the loading bay.

We had our breakfast at Puchong before heading back to PJ. My poor friend still need to go to work while I take a nap before having classes later on in the afternoon.

Aug 11, 2006

crazy about reality tv shows

It's been ages since I last post message here. Have been spending so much time working on educational book projects, organizing and marketing my CRT (crossword-based revision technique) programme as well as planning and writing proposal for team building activity which I called Experience-based Learning Programme (ELP).

Anyway I still spend a lot of time at night watching tv especially reality shows. Currently, I've been following up closely with America's Next Top Model Cycle 5, The Apprentice 5, The Contender 2 and last but not least Rockstar 2: Supernova. From my own point of view, I gotta say that my favourites are Rockstar and ANTM.

I'm not sure but after the second episode of The Apprentice, I kinda feel that the show is slowly losing its appeal. It's almost the same types of people who create problems to the teams and they have to perform similar kinda tasks. And yeah, there's also the same old boring Donald Trump giving the same old comments. The show started out strong; with the Project Managers (one is a Mensa member and another a Harvard grad) chosing their team members without knowing their backgrounds. By the end of the first episode, you knew who were the troublemakers and that being a Mensa member doesn't help.

The Contender 2 is great too but I keep on comparing them to the participants from the last season. Having lesser latin boxers this season perhaps is the reason why I'm not so into this show.

I must give credit to Tyra Bank for the success of ANTM. Every season, you can expect new things from her. I think Cycle 5 is perhaps one of the best because of the diversity of the contestants. The challenges are so difficult this season and not to mention the embarassment. The most interesting part of this show so far is the relationship between two of the contestants, Kim and Sarah. However, this is also the lowest point of the show because the relationship was cut short after one of them was eliminated from the show after having several bad weeks. Another thing is, Janice Dickinson is no longer the permanent judge on ANTM (booo!) but we will be seeing her in the show as photographer.

Perhaps the best singing reality show right now is Rockstar Supernova. If you are a rock fan like me, you don't want to miss the show every Wednesday and Thursday. These guys singing on the show are real singers/rockers! Compared to INXS, I find Supernova more appealing. Yeah, especially when you have the forever charismatic Tommy Lee (ex-Motley Crue), Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses) and Jason Newsted (Metallica). I think the contestants this time around is far better compare to the JD Fortune's batch. After watching the show for many weeks, I gotta say that my favourite is Dilana (she rocks!). She is by far the only female on the Rockstar (both season 1 and 2) who has the chance to front those guys. She is not only a rockstar but a performer. Each week, I can't wait to sit in front of the tv and see her performance. And not to mention her vocal! I think her best performance so far is singing Time After Time, the unplugged version. I swear I would buy her album! Besides Dilana, I think Magni is also a hot favourite to front Supernova.

Well, there you are my current favourite reality shows on tv. Now I can't wait for The Amazing Race 10 (the mother of all reality shows) which will be shown on tv this September. And talking about the word "Amazing", I've submitted my team to the AXN Amazing Mall Challenge held next Saturday at 1 Utama. Not sure if my team will be chosen. But it'll be good to take part and get to know more people as well as to see if we have got what it takes to complete the challenges.
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