Oct 26, 2005

working freelance

Oprah Winfrey Show keeps me awake until 6 a.m. when I'm rushing deadlines.

Lately I'm missing my working days. I miss the normal working environment whereby you have friendly colleagues and cruel or nice boss. I miss the free lunch and training sessions. I miss drinking milo-kaw three times a day and making free phone calls back to my family in Kuantan.

Not that I'm not working now. I've been working on freelance basis for 6 months already. I enjoy the total freedom and I do not need to wake up early in the morning. I can work at my own pace (not really when you have deadlines to catch). Every week I get to meet up with publishers and editors but the feeling is not the same (not as good as meeting up with friendly colleagues unless you meet them to receive your paycheck).

It's not just about the lonely bugs. There are also a lot of time whereby I have to continue to work without sleeps for days. Things is even more challenging when you are studying: assignments, exams and work projects all in one at the same time! Thanks to Astro I manage to keep myself awake every night to work on my projects and assignments.
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