Sep 1, 2006

Supernova: top 5

Finally Ryan is out! I've waited so long to see him being eliminated. He did improved a lot but he'd tried too hard especially in these couple of weeks to prove his showmanship from thrashing the guitar (after Dave told the rockers that he wanted to see something broken by the end of the season) last week to sliding and standing on the piano and jumping of the amp. And he did screamed a lot when he can't reach some high notes.

Dilana, my favourite rocker, hit rock bottom this week. Poor mama. She made a huge mistake last week with the media. She couldn't handle the pressure after being blasted by Dave and Supernova on her catty behaviour. Things got even worse when she smashed a glass and pieces of it hit Magni on his head. It wasn't intentional but things happened. Although she killed the song "Mother, Mother" (it was a perfect song for her!), she had to bear the consequences of her behaviour by ended up in the bottom 3.

I don't have much comment about the other rockers: Magni is great but I don't really like his "lazy" performance on stage. I mean, Supernova are formed by the guys from Guns n' Roses, Metallica and Motley Crue! They are heavy metal bands! Toby on the other hand is kind of a joker among the rockers. Let's get serious, he doesn't suit the band. Lukas, this guy looked more of a punk rocker than a heavy metal rocker. And he can't hold the notes. When he sang "Lithium" this week, I thought it was awful! I wonder why Dave said it was awesome when the arrangement sucked and Lukas' performance was simply disorganised. I've never heard of such a bad version of Nirvana song. Lastly, there was Storm singing Evanescence rendition of "Bring Me to Life". It was definitely not the right song for her but she did her best. Anyway, Storm is too pretty for a band like Supernova.

After last week and this week's show, I started to get bored of the show. Maybe I'm just being sensitive but the show seems like trying very hard to show the evil side of her. After all, she had been doing extremely well throughout the show. In one of the episode on the America's Next Top Model 1, one of the contestant Elise won one of the task when she talked openly (in another word bad-mouth) about other contestants to the media. The reason she won was because the media loved her for sharing so much info while the other contestants kept their good image. Coming back to Rockstar, come on, this is a rock show not idol show! Rockers should be wild and crazy and full of controversy. We don't need pretenders in this show. We don't want to see nice guys in this show! Even Tommy Lee tries to act like one now. Gimme a break. Seriously, now I don't mind if Dilana doesn't get chosen anymore (rumour said Supernova chose Lukas). I think Dilana would be better off being a solo artist. But of course winning this competition is great.
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