Feb 26, 2006

american idol season 5

I have been busy throughout the week and couldn't wait to sit down and type something about the American Idol. I was never impressed with the audition part (I find it utterly annoying). What I have been waiting all this while is to listen to the real talents.

From the beginning, all I want to see is Lisa Tucker and Ace Young. Man, they have the face of a star and they can sing really well! Both of them did really well this week. I am really impressed with Ace when he sang one of my favourite song, Father Figure, originally sang by George Micheal. Ace definitely knows how to choose a song that suits her voice. And Lisa, she's just so young but her talent simply shines.

I always find Taylor 'Grey-haired Guy' Hicks weird. But when he performed the song, Levon, I was impressed by the way he moves and sing the song. I felt as if he was singing a winning song at the final! As the judges said, he is Original (with a capital 'O'). If you have watched American Idol the previous week, you will be amazed to see him blowing the harmonica while walking in for his final audition. I had goose bumps just watching that.

There are so much talents this season. I have other favourites too like Ayla, Katharine, Elliot and Chris. However, I believe no rockers will be able to compare to Bo Bice, no black singers will be able to take the place of Fantasia and finally, no country singers since Carrie Underwood.

The winner of this season? I think it is quite obvious. I think American Idol needs a new pop singer since Kelly Clarkson.
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