Dec 5, 2008

Fernando Verdasco shares his happiness with Sesame Street's Elmo & Zoe

Fernando Verdasco must be one of the happiest chap on earth right now.

With his success on court and off court recently, even the management at the Port Aventura Park in Salou, Spain knows Nando is the right person to help help them promote the theme park.

I'll be back this weekend for more updates. There have been lack of posts recently due to some personal issues which I have to settle first.

Have a great weekend!

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Dec 3, 2008

Rafael Nadal accepted the International Sport of the Community of Madrid Award

According to ATP Mens Tennis, Rafael Nadal received the International Sport of the Community of Madrid Award (International Sport of the Community of Madrid Award) from the hand of Esperanza Aguirre, President of the Community of Madrid.

Nadal received this award because of his relevance in the field of sports, his sporting merit and human values.
"For me to receive this award in its first edition is very important in a community such as Madrid, which I feel very similar and where I have achieved victories in the Masters series and in the Davis Cup," said Rafael Nadal in his award acceptance speech.

"This tribute fills me with pride, I hope this is the beginning of many years to come for this Award."
Feliciano Lopez also attended the award presentation.

(Via ATP Mens Tennis)

Stalker charged with threatening Maria Sharapova

A former US university football player has been charged with threatening tennis beauty Maria Sharapova, as well as his former coach.

Leonard Taylor, a defensive back for the University of Wisconsin from 1995-98, was arrested last Friday and faces charges of stalking and telephone harassment over calls he made to Barry Alvarez, his former head coach and now the University of Wisconsin athletic director.

In the calls, Taylor threatened to kill Sharapova and her family as well as Alvarez himself.

Taylor's father, Leonard Taylor Sr., told police his son has been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and stopped taking his medication about three months ago.

According to the complaint, police were informed in September that the 32-year-old Taylor had been calling Alvarez at work and leaving "disturbing messages".

Police contacted Taylor, who vowed to stop calling.
However, he began calling again in November, voicing "excessive profanity, threats against Alvarez and references to how professional tennis player Maria Sharapova (had) done (him) injustices in various ways," the complaint said.
According to the documents, Taylor left 29 messages on Alvarez's voice mail on November 24 and 25, in some of which Taylor said he wanted to marry Sharapova but also kill her and her family.

And by the way, Sharapova will be back in court joining world no. 1 Jelena Jankovic, Venus Williams and Zheng Jie in the revamped JB Group Classic in Hong Kong in January.

The annual exhibition tournament will see a team concept adopted for the first time with teams from Europe, Russia, the Americas and Asia Pacific competing at Victoria Park from January 7-10.

(Via AFP, Image via Yahoo! Sport)

Dec 1, 2008

Andy Murray drives without a license; grannies's favourite

Recently, Andy Murray clocked up close to 300 laps of the Go-Kart track in Surbiton before heading off to his winter training camp in Miami.

While everyone was fully insured (and are licensed drivers), Andy who doesn't have a driving license still managed to scoop most of the trophies along with Ace Group's Pat Cunningham.

The 21 year-old Scot also talked about being popular among the grannies.
"I get a lot of fan mail and a lot of it is from older people, from 65- or 70-year-olds."

"It's a mixture, but it's surprising that I get so many from grannies and grandpas. They say, 'It's been great to watch you'. It's just very supportive about everything I've done."
(Via Andy Murray's official website,

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