Nov 28, 2007

Looking for an X'mas tree and the perfect gift

Christmas is just days away and this year I'm looking forward to celebrate this special occasion with my loved one and friends.

One of my friend suggested that I should get an X'mas tree from Tesco because it's very very cheap. Less than RM40 for a small tree (about 3 ft tall). And that haven't include the ornaments and lights yet. Probably will come up to not more than RM80.

And now I'm having another headache. I'm thinking of what X'mas presents I should get for my loved one and for gift-exchange among our friends. Is there anything one can buy besides fragrance, under garments or gadgets? I want to give something with sentimental value and without spending a fortune. It should be the perfect first X'mas gift from me.

So what is the perfect X'mas gift you ever received?

Nov 27, 2007

Looking for web developer with an entrepreneurial mind

The past couple of days are rather unusual and shocking because I've been bombarded by people who have different agenda than me. To those who send me critic emails but in a respectful way, thank you and I do consider your input. However, to those who send me personal hate mails, you don't earn my respect at all and I'm sorry that your life is unhappy.

Now back to my post of today, instead of criticizing the standards of local universities in this country, I believe I have found a simple idea as an alternative solution to raise the standards of local universities in various aspects. I'm looking for a partner to work together on this project. I'm looking for someone with programming or web development background. But most importantly I'm looking for a partner with an entrepreneurial mind and passion to make a difference in this society.

Drop me an email at if you think we are driven by the same passion and we'll see if we can work it out.

Nov 26, 2007

Federer's rivalries in 2008

Roger Federer might end the year 2007 in such a classy way (as he usually did) by winning the Shanghai Open. However, I predict that by next year in year 2008, we will see more players raise their game to beat the world number 1.

For the last two three years, Rafael Nadal has been Fedex's biggest rival. And I believe there will be no difference in year 2008 particularly the first half of the year. However, Nadal's knee injury could blow his chance in winning the French Open at Roland Garros for the fourth times as Fedex has been aiming the only Grand Slam he's missing in his prized collection. These two titanic rivals will definitely dominate the finals again next year and keeping other players at bay.

We have seen Fernando Gonzalez beaten Fedex in Shanghai Open and I believe it's still possible for Gonzalez to do that again but not in crucial finals and in the Grand Slams. So does Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer. However, these two players might surprise us based on their excellent performance this year. As for Nikolay Davydenko, he has landed himself in too many controversies including a match-fixing accusation. And I don't see him as a big threat to Fedex although he is the world number 4 as Fedex has a series of record of beating him in straight sets.

The only player besides Nadal whom I can see giving tough challenge to Fedex next year is David Nalbandian. Nalbandian is a very talented player and there have been some great battles between them in the past. This Argentinian player could step up and raise to be among the top 3 players next year.

Fedex is still going to dominate the professional tennis scene in 2008. But the question is, will he improve even more on clay court like what he did earlier this year?

Those pro-gov should keep their mouth shut in the blogosphere?

Voicing out my opinion about politics in my blog is wrong. What more I'm a pro government in this blogosphere where majority Malaysian bloggers are supporting the opposition parties. Sure kena bombard habis.

Now I just need to keep my mouth shut and just blog what I normally blog.

Nov 25, 2007

Ugly Sunday morning as thousands of Indians protest in Kuala Lumpur

This year supposed to be Visit Malaysia Year and our 50th Independence. However, it seems that the people in this country no longer respect that.

Few weeks ago, the opposition party took over the street and barely a month after that, the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) who said to be representing the entire Indian community protest in the street of Jalan Ampang blamed the British government for their poor economic status in this country.

After a series of roadblocks in the past couple of days in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, which caused inconvenience for the public road users, the rally still continues with over ten thousands of Indians joined the protest while I'm still soundly asleep.

To be honest, demanding for trillions of dollars and carrying banners that says "We Want Our Right" is rather inappropriate or should I say rather late. Why waited for 50 years only to stand up for their right? What about the other ethnic group (read Chinese) whom their great grandparents migrate to Malaya penniless and without the support from the British government and yet managed to build their economic status here from scratch? And let's not forget, we have a lot of successful Indians in our community which a lot of them are well respected.

Please don't spoil a happy Sunday and the peace in this country which the rest of us enjoy all this years.

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