Nov 7, 2017

Different bet types in tennis

Tennis is an extremely popular spectator sport where you can majorly enhance your entertainment quotient by placing a punt or two on the matches. Although it’s an individual sport, the variety of bet types offered in it closely resemble the kinds available in team sports.

Furthermore, you can significantly improve your tennis betting gains by availing services like SBAT betting tips, which have proven to be extremely profitable for tennis bettors over the years. Whether you are betting on WTA or Wimbledon, placing a bet adds an extra dimension of fun to the event! Let’s go over the different kinds of bets you can place in tennis.

Tournament bets
Tournament winner odds are offered on almost all the entrants of any specific major tennis tournament, telling you the amount you stand to win by backing a certain player to win the tournament. For instance, if Stan Wawrinka is offered at 9-1 to win the Wimbledon, a £ 100 bet placed on him would return £ 900, if he indeed goes on to win the tournament.

Match bets
As evident from the name, these are bets wherein you predict the winner of a particular tennis match. The concerned two players are assigned a plus (+) and minus (-) sign, positioning them as an underdog and favourite respectively. The number against those signs reflects the amount you need to bet to win £ 100.

So if Roger Federer was positioned as a favourite at -400 going into a tennis match, you’d win £ 100 by placing a £ 400 bet on him. On the other hand, if he were offered at +300, you’d need to bet only £ 100 to win £ 300 from your bet. Considering how the Swiss has been playing lately, having beaten Nadal four straight times, it’s only justified that he’s being offered as a favourite by many bookmakers for all his matches these days.

Set bets
These bets are about predicting the correct score in terms of sets in a tennis match. So, you could place a bet that Roger Federer would win a particular Wimbledon tennis match in straight sets, or that he would win the match by three sets to one. Essentially, it’s about predicting how dominantly a player would perform in the concerned tennis match.

Spread bets
These bets are placed on the number of games the concerned player would win a tennis match by. Each player would be assigned a plus and a minus figure, reflecting the total number of games he/she can lose or win a particular match by, respectively.

Total bets
Also popularly referred to as over/under bets, these bets are about predicting the total number of games in a tennis match. So, if the total has been set at 28 games by the bookmaker for the U.S. Open, you’d need to place an over bet if you think that the concerned match would involve over 28 games, for instance, a score line of 6-4, 7-5, 6-3 (total of 31 games). On a side note, here’s a piece on Nadal emerging as a potential greatest tennis player of all time, having won the US open, and his career 16th Grand Slam, recently this year.

To win first set
Quite evidently, these bets are about which player you expect to win the first set of the concerned tennis match.

Prop bets
A large number of off-line and online bookmakers provide a wide range of prop bets on tennis matches. These bets might range from the first player to lose his/her serve, to something like whether the match would feature a tiebreaker or not. Prop bets are an excellent way to increase the fun quotient of tennis matches.

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