Dec 2, 2005

The Emperor's Journey: a must-see

I've never had interest for animals documentary. But The Emperor's Journey is no ordinary ducumentary. In fact, I think it is more like a love story. Such an extraordinary and touching story by the French director Luc Jacquet.

I've just watched the Mandarin version and I really enjoy every minute of it. Go watch it with your loved ones!

Highly recommended.

Dec 1, 2005

amazing race 8: support the Weaver family!

During the first and second episodes of Amazing Race 8, I thought this family edition will not be as exciting as the previous seasons. I thought it is not wise to sell American history and watching the families spending most of their time racing within their homeland.

But I was wrong. AR8 is different from its predecessors but just as exciting and watchable. I must say that they have an amazing combination of families. Personally I support the Weaver family since the first episode. I particularly love the part when the Weaver family was in the last place in Utah, (they took the wrong route and later yielded (again!) this time by the evil Linz family) enjoying their ice-creams to ease their frustrations thinking that they would be eliminated. I admire Linda for her courage and perseverance in protecting her kids and keeping her family together.

On the other hand, the Linz family is a bunch of pathetic and rude people. They simply don't have respect for others particularly Linda Weaver by calling her names. I don't understand why they hate the Weaver family so much. Rumour says that the Linz family won AR8. That's going to be a very sad ending because bad guys never win the Amazing Race before. Colin, Jonathan and Rob are very good examples.
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