Jun 13, 2007

Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong & their LV sling bags

Okay, the mysterious sling bags used by Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong that I posted on March 24 is finally solved. Apparently I missed The Star's R.AGE issue in March 29 which mentioned the messenger bags they always carry around with them.

Earlier on, in search of the bag's identity I even emailed to LV but the customer service support centre in Asia Pacific couldn't confirm as the pictures were quite unclear. I think they don't want to make a mistake by claiming that that's their bags.

According to Boon Heong in The R.AGE, the Louis Vuitton messenger bags were bought in Switzerland and it's RM1000 cheaper than in Malaysia. Boon Heong got himself a brown one while KKK has a light grey and cream version.

Ooh, I want an LV messenger bag too. Boon Heong's version is not bad. But too bad I can only afford the Petaling Street version which of course I'm not interested at all.

Go to this link and read the complete article. (Credit: photos taken from The R.AGE website)

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Jun 12, 2007

Nadal's naked picture?

I might be Nadal's biggest fan but never in my life thought about searching for his shirtless or even naked pictures on the internet.

It was until last weekend, I checked my Getcliky site for blog traffic, I came across a reader who visited my blog looking for Nadal's naked picture. I almost dropped my laptop when I looked at it. Not because I was shocked but it was because I was laughing my ass off.

So, I try to google for his shirtless picture (sorry, no naked pictures) and this is the only one I've got. Anyone has a better picture, please forward to my email, please. Thank you! Haha!

Updates: For whom it may concern: if you are looking for Nadal's naked picture, I don't have it. However, if you still haven't give up, please visit Sam's blog instead. The picture that you are looking for is there.

Updates in 2008: After more than a year, finally you can see Nadal's ass-et here ;)

Shrek 3: JT can't act and the most hilarious moment in the show

*spoiler ahead*

Justin Timberlake proves himself again that he just can't act. Not even in an animated movie. And I just can't stand his squeaky like a mouse voice.

I watched Shrek 3 last night. No doubt I'm a big fan of the show, never missed a single one. But honestly this is the worst sequal of all. It's not as funny as the first and the second. Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz characters didn't shine this time because the focus is on characters like the evil Prince Charming and the new King Arthur.

There are some hilarious moments though and I especially like the part where King Harold the frog is dying.

This movie is still worth watching and especially for those who had followed since the first movie. At least I didn't sleep in the cinema this time.

Jun 11, 2007

Nadal takes the French Open title for the 3rd time!

Ah...what a sweet victory for Rafael Nadal. Winning at Roland Garros again for third consecutive time definitely proves that Nadal is the indisputable clay court specialist in this era. Vamos Rafa!

So the next few tournaments are going to be on grass courts. Hope Nadal will show some good improvement on this surface like what he did at Wimbledon last year.

Jun 10, 2007

Astro: you pay what you watch

Personally I'm very excited because there will be another two new channels coming up on Astro on June 15. I'm all for The History Channel which will be on channel 54. The other new channel is Crime & Investigation on channel 79.

As a history buff, there's nothing better than a history channel that stand on its own. I always never get enough of history shows on Discovery Channel or National Geographic. I'm looking forward to watching shows about The Universe, about the Roman Empire, The French Revolution (my all time favourite), political and historical figures, great scientists and many more. I just wish there will be more shows about the history of China but it's kind of hard to come by especially in English programmes.

Since there will be more channels coming up, Astro subscribers don't complain too much lar. You should pay for what you watch. It's pay television! If you do not wish to pay so much, then get cheaper package. Don't complain because there are other subscribers who are willing to pay to watch these new channels.

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