May 31, 2008

It's a clear and sunny day!

It's clear in Roland Garros and hopefully there will be no more rains that will delay the French Open.

Say bye bye to my ear block!

It's also a clear and sunny day for me! Finally my ear block is gone. I've went through suction with an ENT specialist, Prof. Prepa at UM Specialist Centre yesterday. It's painless and in fact it's quite a cool experience (that's exactly what Che-Cheh convinced me).

Guess what? After the procedure, I can't stop smiling from ear to ear. It feels like a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulder (or ears). I wasn't comfortable at the beginning and even a little bit now because it feels like I've just discover my superpower hearing. Now I realized how sound polluted our environment is!

Thank you everyone especially my loved ones for their patience, love and understanding. I know I've been moody for the past 2 weeks due to 'I can't hear you, you can't hear me' and 'you don't understand me' kind of situations. Thanks a lot to my boss for her understanding as well. And I can't thank enough of my blogging circle of friends here for your support and advice!

By the way, a lot of people have suggested that Prof Prepa is a very good ENT specialist. Now I'm one of them. I'm going to get him a thank you card later after work.

(Image from Getty Images)

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