Feb 15, 2008

Nuffnang: Session expired?

I wonder what's going on. I couldn't access to Nuffnang website since yesterday night.

I experienced problem loading page with the indication of:

Thanks to Hallaj. Your suggestion works.

Feb 13, 2008

Malaysia's parliament dissolved

Despite complaints over inflation, increased of crime rates and ethnic tension, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced the dissolution of the national parliament.

Voting must be held within the next 60 days at a date to be fixed by the election commission, which will be announced soon. Some say it could fall on March 2.

This is going to be my first year casting my vote. Personally, I don't think Barisan Nasional deserves a landslide victory after poor performance in the last term. However, I doubt the opposition parties have the credibility and experience to rule the country. Honestly I'm not convinced at all.

My hope is pretty simple: Barisan Nasional continues to run the country but rakyat have to deny BN's 2/3 majority in the parliament.

Updates: It's confirmed that
the Election Commission has set Feb 24 for parties to nominate candidates for 12th general election and Malaysia will go to the polls on March 8.

Feb 12, 2008

Reunion dinner with family

Finally I'm back to work. Received hoi gong lai see (start work angpow?) from Boss and Mom. There are a lot of biscuits to eat in the office as well as at home.

I've seen that most of you blogger friends have posted about your reunion dinner. So I'll share about mine too. As usual, my Dad the main cook in the house, will cook our reunion dinner. There are 6 dishes all together, which means 'good luck'. If you haven't know, '6' in Hokkien sounds like 'luck'. By the way, I'm Hakka.

'Cheong Sau Min' or Longevity Noodles or Long Life Noddles is my favourite.
As usual, I eat more noddles than rice.

On Lunar New Year, we must 'siew ha ha' (laugh). So 'ha' as in prawns in Cantonese is a must.

Fish is a must in Chinese reunion dinner as it represents 'nin ni yau yu' (every year
there's more or extra food). And fish in Cantonese is 'yu'.

Of course there must be roast pork on the table too.

So does steamed chicken.

This is my Dad's specialty, the spring rolls.

Finally there must be a perfect drink. Like every other year, we will have our version of cocktail (mixture of jelly, canned fruits and Shandy).

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