Jan 3, 2006

UM aiming a higher "Intl Student Score" in 2006

Uni has just reopened for second semester. This is my second year here in UM doing my postgraduate degree.

I've registered for the two final papers. One of them is leadership which I'll be taking together with a new batch of postgraduate students (other coursemates who are in the same batch with me already taken this paper during the first year).

I attended the first lecture last Saturday. To my surprise, 25% of the students in the seminar room are "international students" and they are all from differents parts of China. I thought they must be muslims and from Xian or Xinjiang but I was wrong. Some are from the northern part of China, others from Shenzen and Guangdong.

Perhaps this is a good sign. I believe UM is trying its best to improve the "International Student Score" in 2006.
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