Sep 14, 2006

bye bye Supernova

Supernova chose Lukas instead of Dilana. So the rumour is true.

Based on last night performance (and all the performance before) we all knew who is the best in this competition. We simply knew that even how good or great she is, a female rocker is just not good enough to cut it as their lead singer. Come on, you don't always get a great rock singer like Dilana. If Dilana doesn't cut it, I don't think any female rockers will ever get it.

Dilana gave the best performance with Roxanne by the Police (with Magni, Lukas and Toby backing her up). I must say that is the most touching song I've heard so far in Rockstar both season 1 and 2. And she did great last night by being the only rocker who was not in the bottom 3.

Hope Gilby keeps his word to produce an album for Dilana because I'm going to wait and buy that album. I've already downloaded all her music and going to listen to them on my way back to my hometown.

And sorry Supernova, I'm not interested in your music and your new frontman. I simply watch the show because of Dilana.
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