Nov 2, 2007

Won tickets to Rose Rose I Love You

Yesterday, the Rose Rose I Love You production called me up and informed me that I've won a pair of tickets to the pop musical after I've entered the contest in their blog last week.

Apparently my friends and I plan to go to Genting next week during the Deepavali holiday as they want to watch the musical badly. I offer myself to babysit my friend's son so that they can watch it peacefully. That means I have not get my ticket for the musical.

Well, now it seems that I will watch it anyway but I'm going to give the winning seats (which worth RM118 each) to my friends who are big fans of both local and international musical dramas.

For more information about the pop musical, read about it here which is featured Sunday Star.

Fly FM Fit It show - Part 2

I listened to Fly FM's Fit It today and apparently there's a part 2 to the drama yesterday.

After more than 20 calls or something, the DJs managed to get through to the 30-year-old man. This time the man was calmer and claimed that it was his 14-year-old nephew who had stayed with him for the past 2 weeks and has been using his internet and handphone. He even asked the DJs to meet up with his nephew to clear things up. And so they did.

Hence, this morning, Phat Fabes and Ben set up both the man and the mother again trying to explain the confusion yesterday.

Well, I am not sure to believe his claim that it is his nephew's job though but the DJs sure did to clear up such a heavy allegation like this over the air waves they have started.

There are many questions unanswered particularly from the daughter's side and we have not personally listen from the nephew's side too.

Nov 1, 2007

Fly FM's Fit It show

Personally I love to listen to Fly FM's Big Bang! Breakfast Show. And in one of the segment called Fix It, Phat Fabes and Ben actually help people to fix anything from meeting a long lost friend to selling car!

Today's show a little bit unique and send some goosebumps down my spine a little bit. Nah, it has nothing to do with Halloween though.

It's about a mother who is worrying about her daughter meeting an online friend in the coming weekend. The mother managed to get the '16 year-old' boy's phone number and needs Fat Fabes and Ben to call up the boy and ask him some questions.

Guess what? It turns out that a 30-year-old man actually picked up the phone and without any suspicious feeling he revealed that he is happily married with no 16-year- old son to the DJs.

The mother can't keep quiet any longer and started to pop out and bombarded the man with questions. The man kept denying he knows her daughter. He even warned the mother to keep an eye on her own daughter and slammed down the phone. Phat Fabes and Ben actually tried to call him numerous times but failed.

Personally, it's obvious that this guy will not confess that he is preying on the 14-year-old daughter of the mother. Instead he became so defensive on the phone.

I am so proud of what the mother has done or else what would have happened to the teenager if she meet up with the so-called internet friend who is so much older than her? Moreover he is married.

The internet world can be a very cruel place. Hence parents should learn from this lesson and keep an eye on their children especially those who frequent chat rooms. And children should understand that parents have no intention to intrude their privacy but instead to protect them from being harmed by people with bad intention.

Oct 31, 2007

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer t-shirts for sale soon!

After much criticism by some friends about Rafael Nadal's t-shirt design in my blog yesterday, I've come up with a 'better' results. It turns out that the previous design is rather 'childish'.

Hence, I've designed Nadal and Federer t-shirts with the Che-Guevara effect, wh
ich I hope you guys would like. So this is final. Nadal's t-shirt is black while Fedex's is white.

Price and other order details will be up soon.

Oct 30, 2007

Update on HCFoo-Meet-Nadal Campaign

Some latest update from my campaign!

The day for Nadal to touch down Malaysia is getting near. I assume many tennis fans already got their tickets. Although Federer vs. Sampras match is selling like hot cakes, the same is not happening to Nadal vs. Gasquet. And so this is the best time to approach the organizers of this event.

Today I've finally made a call to Ticketpro. However, the girl who picked up the phone, Nicky, refused to put me to the Marketing Manager and said her agency is not able to help.

Hence, I've decided to search for the website of Entertainment Group Limited (which does not linked correctly through Ticketpro Malaysia website) and called up the Hong Kong based organizer instead. The lady who picked up the phone, Maggie, is very professional in her approach and advice me to send my proposal in an email directed to her and see what she can do for me.

I've told Maggie that I need to know Rafael Nadal's flight schedule, training schedule, etc so that I can provide first hand information for my blogger friends and Nadal fans whom many of them searched into my blog to welcome him as soon as Nadal touch down Malaysia.

Hopefully I'll hear some good news soon. Keep tuning in!

Rafael Nadal's white t-shirt

I have made my decision to go on and print a small number of Nadal white t-shirts for the cost of about RM20 per piece.

After seeking some comments from close friends, I've chosen this design and will go for printing latest by next week. I will definitely wear the t-shirt to watch Nadal's exhibition match in Shah Alam.

And Federer's white t-shirt will be on the way too. Will only sell these t-shirts based on demand as I've no intention to make money out of it (unless you are buying through my shop in Cafepress).

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