Jan 26, 2006

gong xi fatt chai!

Since I'll balik kampung and won't be able to online for a week, I'm going to take this opportunity to wish all friends and bloggers a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year. Hope this coming Dog Year will bring luck and good fortune to all of us!

Jan 24, 2006

america's next top model

I have to confess that I'm a BIG fan of reality shows. But of all the shows, there are only three shows that I loved most: The Amazing Race, The Apprentice and America's Next Top Model (ANTM). Yes, American Idol is not even in my list of favourite reality show.The criteria to be my favourite reality show are pretty simple:
1. good format
2. excellent editing
3. entertaining cast
4. intelligent host
5. lotsa dramas

However, I'm only interested to talk about ANTM because season 4 is on Channel V (Astro channel 72) right now. While you can also find season 3 on 8TV, I'm not going to talk about it because Channel V has shown it MANY times.

Yesterday, it was only the 2nd episode of season 4 (shown every Monday at 8 pm and repeated throughout the week). Last week, Tyra Bank, the gorgeous host and executive producer of ANTM, introduced to us the 14 finalists who came from various backgrounds and dream of becoming the next top model.

Of all of these girls, I have to say that my favourite is Naima, a 20-year-old from Detroit who works as a coffee shop waitress. After watching all the previous seasons, I knew that she has got what it takes and will go very far in this competition (spoiler: she did!). From the 1st and 2nd episodes, you can sense that Tyra and the other flamboyant judges loved her for being edgy and unique.

The best part about episode 2 was when they were experiencing their first photo shoots. Some were good but most of them were just clueless. Also there was this makeover session. One of the girls, Michelle, was shaking like she was being possessed when she had to go through a painful session of bleaching her hair to blond.

No point for me to repeat what happened in the show because you have to watch it yourself or read all the episodes from ANTM website. So far, season 4 is one of the best. Only into the 2nd episode and there are already a lot of drama (black girls = drama) and hilarious scenes. The format is solid and the cast is just beautiful and amazing!
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