Feb 7, 2006

hoping for the best in DOG year

I should say that I've done my best to make sure this year is a better year for my family and I. Last year was quite a disaster although the Dragon (now I reveal my age) was supposed to have a great year.

I've tried to comply to the chinese tradition and pantang larang during this fifteen days of Chinese New Year (which I normally don't or seldom do in previous years). Here is the list of what I have done:

1. Eat a lof of mandarin oranges. I didn't eat it at all last year. Honestly, I hate fruits but I've decided that I'll learn to love it this year to improve my luck.

2. Had a long conversation and enjoy a slow meal during reunion dinner on Chinese New Year eve with family members. Usually we ate very fast but this year we had a 1-hour dinner which is a miracle for us.

3. Must have leftovers from reunion dinner on Chinese New Year eve. Last year we tried not to cook that much with the intention of not to waste food. And it turns out that last year wasn't a good year for the family.

4. Gamble! This year, my siblings and I enjoyed our mahjong game a lot. It was the first time we played mahjong in the house. Although I did not win, I believe mahjong game is a good game to bring ong (luck) to the family because it creates a fun and happy atmosphere to the family. We played cards as well. We didn't even play a single game last year.

5. Did not wash my hair until after the 3rd day.

6. Wear red.

7. Woke up early on the first day of Chinese New Year, pray and greet my parents. Then eat only vegetarian food for the whole day.

8. Also as soon as I woke up during the first day of Chinese New Year, I had a cup of Nescafe. I've heard that it was a good way to ensure that you will be staying alert throughout the year.

9. Avoided taking a nap on the first day of Chinese New Year.

10. Saying nice words on Chinese New Year and avoid negative thinking.

11. To celebrate Chap Goh Mei like the first day of Chinese New Year.

12. Eat lotsa chinese dumplings especially on the first day of Chinese New Year and on Chap Goh Mei. The dumplings symbolize wealth because their shapes resembles ancient chinese gold nuggets.

Overall, I did enjoy the food, the game and the fun with family members as well as friends. I should say that this is the first year I really feel the spirit of Chinese New Year. Perhaps it is because I didn't really bother about the chinese tradition in the previous years. This is also the first year I had a small winning from Sportstoto on Chinese New Year. Not bad, huh?!
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