Oct 26, 2007

Hcfoo's page rank

Finally there's a slight change to my page rank (PR). After changing to my custom domain, my PR dropped to zero (0) and has been stagnant for months.

At least now it has increased to PR1 and hopefully will increase more by early next year. In the meanwhile, I'll just continue writing, less paid posts and more good posts.

Oct 25, 2007

Selling Nadal t-shirts on Cafepress

I've just created a store to sell t-shirts on Cafepress and I'm selling Nadal's t-shirts. The design is plain and simple. Hopefully, I'll add more design soon over the weekend and see how the sales go.

In the meantime, I'll have to concentrate on my meet-Nadal-campaign.

Oct 24, 2007

Schnauzer, where are you?

I used to have a dog when I was in secondary school. Personally I'm not a big fan of dogs. Well, not because I don't love them but I'm kinda afraid of them especially when they start to lick you.

But in these few years I've developed a huge interest on dogs particularly of Schnauzer breed. Or probably a miniature Schnauzer would be more appropriate and cute.

My friend, Tracy, is looking for someone to adopt her Schnauzer named Hobbes. Hmm... should I just go and take a look if Hobbes is the right dog for me?

What happened before year 1400?

In the Form 1 syllabus of the Sejarah (History) subject, the first chapter introduces the definition of history by explaining what is artifacts, archeology as well as reminding us the importance of learning the subject. Then, in the following chapter, students learn about the prehistoric era from Paleolithic to Mesolithic and Neolithic before they start learning the prosperity of Malacca and its downfall.

So what happened before Malacca?

Although there is a brief topic discussing about Gangga Nagara in the syllabus, which is considered the earliest kingdom in our country back in 2-11 A.D., the Hindu Malay kingdom is simply forgettable. Gangga Nagara is the present day of Beruas, Dinding and Manjung which is situated in the state of Perak.

Personally, I think it would be interesting to pay a visit to the Beruas Museum, whereby they have over 300 artifacts from the lost kingdom.

In the following 3-5 A.D., there was a small kingdom in Kelantan/Terengganu known as Pan Pan. However, not many information were known about this kingdom.

I am pretty sure many of us know that Kedah Tua (1136-?? A.D.) is one of the earliest kingdom before Malacca. According to I-Ching, Kedah Tua is also known as Cheh-Cha (not Che-Cheh, mind you). However, again, very little facts were discuss during this era as the main focus of the history text is based on the empires after conversion to Islam.

My paid posts earning

Since last month, I've been so-called actively writing paid posts again. I must admit that paid posts are not easy to earn as you need to be discipline and 'full of writing ideas' all the time.

Last month, I targeted RM500 from paid posts and I surpassed that amount.

These are the break down of my humble paid posts earning (too little to mention in US$):
  • PayPerPost (RM320.40)
  • Smorty (RM113.40)
  • Sponsored Review (RM177.84)
On average I write less than 30 paid posts per month which means a paid post per day and using between 2-5 minutes to do so.

I guess writing paid posts makes me more discipline as I continuously finding topics to talk about as well as to commit to the deadlines set by the blog advertisers. It is even more easier to keep the momentum going when you set a targeted amount of paid posts you want to write that particular month.

Spare the parking space

This morning, after had my curry mee breakfast, I dropped by McDonalds to get a cup of hot Milo while waiting for my office to open at 8.30 a.m. While finding a parking space, a car tailed from behind and the young man quickly parked into the space provided for the disabled people.

There were so many parking spaces that he can park and yet he chose to park the most convenient space, in front of the side door entrance to McD. How ignorant is that?!

Initially I want to stay at McD to blog for awhile after getting my Milo. Instead I took out my pen and paper and wrote him and his girlfriend a note:
Kepada Pemilik Kereta,
Anda telah meletak kereta di tempat yang dikhaskan untuk orang kurang upaya. Sila bertimbang rasa sedikit. Terima kasih!

Dear Car Owner,
You have parked at this space specially for disabled people. Please be considerate. Thank you!

Oct 23, 2007

SEO Meme

FL Sam and Che-Cheh tagged me with a SEO meme. At first, I don't exactly know what it means but according to Che-Cheh, it means more links and more exposure.

Start tag

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End tag

Genting founder dies

Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, founder and honorary life president of Genting Group, passed away at 11.20am Tuesday at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre.

The tycoon, who turned 90 in April this year, was renowned for his vision in transforming Genting Highlands from an unexplored hilltop to one of the world's most successful casino resorts.

For more information, read from The Star.

Personally I admire him for what he had achieved. My dad always tell me stories about how he founded Genting and his determination in building the city of entertainment from scratch.
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