Jun 25, 2005

so, all the top scorers are doctors?

It seems that all our top scorers only see medicine as the only choice for them. I really don't understand why they have to limit the sky and opportunity in other fields other than medicine?

Are our top scorers only a bunch of nerds who are only good in memorizing medical terminology but not good enough to make millions of ringgit in the business world?

There are variety of careers out there. Besides being a doctor, wouldn't it be great if we have some of the brainiest people to be the best archeologist who made important and historical discovery to our country or to the world? Or perhaps becoming an economist who win the first Nobel Prize for the country? Or even a geologist who constantly appear in National Geographic to share his expertise?

In the end, it really makes no sense to me that top scorers only wants to be doctors.

Jun 24, 2005

wimbledon 2005 (day 3 and 4)

Rafael Nadal was knocked out from Wimbledon in the second round. I'm not surprised as grass court is not his favourite surface. However, the main reason I'm so into tennis these days is because of him. Watching the flamboyant and charismatic tennage player is better than watching the stone-faced Roger Federer or the hotheaded Marat Safin. Well, better luck next time.

Maria Sharapova continues her campaign to defend her championship title after punishing 15 years old Sesil Karatancheva with the result 6-0, 6-1. Last year runner-up, Serena Williams struggled to survive the second round over Italian, Mara Santangelo.

I was a bit surprised because a lot of publicity has been given to Sania Mirza over the channel Star Sports on Astro. I don't think she played very well especially against last year US Open champion, Svetlana Kutznetsova. In fact, there are a few other Asian players who performed better. For example, Korean Lee Hyung-Taik and Thai, Danai Udomchoke who do not received much tv coverage.

Jun 23, 2005

SPM is not a record-breaking ground

I'm totally agree with V.K. Chin's comment in The Star today. It is definitely the time to give scholarships to those who do well in STPM and who have been offered places at local and foreign universities. It is time for us to recognise STPM instead of focusing and giving all the credits at SPM level.

Each year we generate a long list of students who score strings of As (and not to mention the increase of passing rates in almost all subjects). And each year, we can also expect students breaking records with the most number of As. I was wondering since when we have turned SPM into a record-breaking event. Perhaps early next year, we are going to witness another great story about our SPM 2005 top scorer who strikes 18As or more.

Jun 22, 2005

wimbledon 2005 (day 2)

Justine Henin-Hardenne crashed out in the first round! She's the hot favourite after winning the French Open just a month ago and she lost to a 76 ranked Greek player, Eleni Daniilidou in a tough 3 matches.

Defending champion, Maria Sharapova has no problem in the first round. With an easy win of 6-2, 6-2 against Spaniard Llagostera Vives, Sharapova is going to play against 15 year-old Sesil Karatancheva who beats Mauresmo in the French Open. So, this is going to be an exciting match. It's going to be the battle of the teenagers. However, with the confidence and crowd support, I believe Sharapova is going to pull it off in the second round.

On the other hand, Rafael Nadal is keeping his Wimbledon title dream alive. The grasscourt might not be his best surface but should he win here, he's going to be the first man to take the Roland Garros-Wimbledon double in the same year since tennis great Bjorn Borg. Keep an eye on this guy.

TIm Henman, the crowd favourite, managed to squeeze through the first round after playing five sets in a three and a half hours match against J. Nieminen. With the crowd support, he overcomes the first two sets defeat and ended with a win and standing ovation from his homeground fans.

tak nak wristband ala livestrong wristband

Finally I've got my own LIVESTRONG wristband.

The purpose of the yellow wristbands is to help people around the world who are living with cancer. You constantly see celebrities, sportsmen and even politicians supporting this good cause by wearing the same $1 wristbands.

There are many types of wristbands nowadays. You have the Tsunami Relief, Stand Up Speak Up Anti Racism, Kylie Breast Cancer Awareness, etc.

So I suggest we do the same for Tak Nak campaign as well. Our local celebrities and politicians can support this cause and create awareness to curb smoking. With the price as cheap as RM1 for a red colour silicone wristband (with the words TAK NAK embossed on the wristband), we can make this campaign a success. It's hip and appealing for youngsters.

Then we can create another wristband for patriotism. Perhaps this time a multi-coloured one (yellow, blue, white and red) with the word MALAYSIABOLEH embossed on the wristband. I'm sure we can sell thousands during our Merdeka celebration. At least this way of showing patriotism is more acceptable than singing Negaraku in the cinema.

Jun 21, 2005

wimbledon 2005 (day 1)

I'm all excited! Nothing is better than a Grand Slam Championships on lawn court.

Roger Federer is all up to defend his men's title with the first round win over Paul-Henri Mathieu. Other favourites such as Hewitt, Davydenko, Safin also done pretty well in the first round.

Poor Paradorn Srichaphan, the once highly celebrated Thai player, played so badly against Safin losing in straight sets. It is a bit disappointing because his games completely slumped this year.

On the ladies' singles, favourites like Davenport, Clijsters and Mauresmo played fantastic games to move comfortably into the second round.

The games to watch out today are definitely involving Rafael Nadal (the French Open champ), Maria Sharapova (the defending champion), Andy Roddick, Justine Henin-Hardenne and Serena Williams. Crowd favourite, Tim Henman is going to play his first round today as well later in the evening.

My prediction for today's matches (Round 1): All top favourites will safely go into the second round.

Jun 20, 2005

the propaganda behind Putera UMNO

Yesterday, our PM launched PUTERA UMNO in Malacca. The person behind this idea is none other than the head of PEMUDA himself, Datuk Hishamuddin. So why there is PUTERA when there's already PEMUDA in the first place? Probably it's because these guys doesn't want to lost out to WANITA and PUTERI UMNO.

PUTERA is for young men aged between 18-25. The purpose of PUTERA is to encourage young people to involve themselves in healthy activities through association. Come to think of it again, PUTERA is political based and most of these young men are still studying in in colleges or universities. There are many positive activities these young men can relate themselves to such as PALAPES, Rakan Muda, etc, but why politics? I thought students are not supposed to involve themselves in politics especially with the opposition parties? And now the government is promoting PUTERA. Isn't it contradicting?

(*HCFoo is a supporter of the government, though)

Jun 19, 2005

STPM losing it's value

Recently there's a lot of debates about the transparency and credibility of PSD. So, I'm not going to talk about that issue but rather discuss on the quality of SPM and what is the value of STPM.

Each year the Minister of Education will announce good news on how students improve in almost all the subjects. We all know how the scoring system works. And each year, we will read in the paper how students breaking records by scoring strings of As. I'm not sure if this is only happening in our country. Probably in the coming years, we will have a top SPM scorer achieving 20As. It's not impossible, really.

Although STPM is known as one of the toughest examination in the world, I really believe that it's losing it's value in our very own country. We emphasize too much on SPM and life after that which is going to college or doing matriculation. In the end, STPM is like the last choice.

It is the time for the Ministry of Education to uphold the standard of STPM. Instead of focusing on SPM students and its problems each year, PSD should emphasize on STPM high achievers by increasing their chances of getting scholarships. PSD should make it necessary for their scholars to have a better foundation through STPM before sending them off to overseas. STPM students are more mature thinkers and have better understanding of their dream career. An extra 2 years of studies do make a lot of difference in a person character. After all, PSD is not only looking for high achiever but someone who's a well-rounder with good personality.

making money out of AF3 fever

Last night, the number of pelajar was down to 12. I'm a fan of the reality show since I was introduced to AF 2 last year by my Sis. No doubt the show is better than Astro Talent Quest (Chinese), Malaysian Idol, Audition or Mentor. I do watch all these shows to be in position to comment on this. However I'm not going to comment about the quality of the shows or even compare them.

I must salute to the people at Astro. These people really know how to generate money. Last season, AF charged 50 sen per sms/vote but this year they increase it to 65 sen per vote which is an increase of 30%. All the mobile service providers already lower their sms rates to as low as 1 sen per sms. Even Astro Talent Quest still charge 50 sen per vote. I really pity the voters and chatters at Channel @15 for being so fanatic about the show and they wouldn't mind spending hundreds of ringgit (this information was obtained based on my observation on channel @15). There was even this funny guy who say something like this in the chatroom: "Bini tak mau bagi wang. Aku gadai motor. Sekarang ada kredit RM1000 untuk AFundi."

Astro is so smart that they bring back Mawi, the pelajar that generate the most income for them. He was not chosen in the initial stage but because of the big demand from the chatters, the number of students were increased to 14 pelajar just to accomodate the request from AF fans. The other pelajar chosen to join back AF3 is Marsha. This Mawi guy was so phenomenal that even the host Aznil called him TsuMawi (originated from a chatter @15). He has his fan clubs all over Malaysia and they are ready to spend hundreds of ringgit each just to make him a winner at AF3.

I don't know what so great about Mawi. Some chatters say it's his aura. Some say it's his great voice (with some nasyid touch). But I only hear mediocre singing. He even constantly forget his song lyrics. What I see in those fans is they are trying to realise their dream by turning a kampung boy into a popstar just like in movies. These fans are fanatics and some even says that they are going to vote even if he doesn't sing. Another Carrie Underwood in the making I think.

Despite other talents like Idayu and Felix or even Amylea, Mawi is going to the AF3 champ this year. Trust me because the fanatic fans already invested a lot of money on him. But the BIGGEST winner here is none other than Astro.

I'm starting to get sick of these singing competitions that involves voting system. This is even worse than gambling. At least in gambling you still have a slight chance of winning money for yourself. I suggest AF3 fans or even the coming up Malaysian Idol fans to buy 4D or Jackpot instead of wasting money voting.
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