Mar 31, 2015

Tennis Betting Is Not Roulette and It Should Be Considered as a Skill Game

There are a number of people out there that view all types of sports betting a game of chance, a little like roulette. Tennis betting is one of those that is considered like roulette. Some people see it as a high risk, because there is no way to really determine how someone is going to play on the day. However, this is something that really should be considered a skill game. Tennis betting requires more than just picking between one or the other player.

Learning to Understand the Odds

Bookmakers create odds for a reason. They tell individuals what the bookmakers believe the chances are of one player winning over another. There are different ways that these odds are created, and it becomes a skill to understand all this. It’s not enough to just look into the numbers and figures and bet on the one with the highest odds of winning. You need to think about why those odds have been determined.

There are a number of factors that go into the creation of odds, and a number of reasons why some players end up making you little money when you bet. It doesn’t necessarily mean they will win. Low odds could mean that the public perception lately isn’t that high, but that can all change during matches due to the way people play.

Learning the Tactics to Win Money

There are tactics and techniques that you need to learn before you start betting large amounts of money. Think of this more of a game of poker rather than a game of roulette. The probabilities of the roulette is well explained in rouletteanalyst, so it will be very easy to compare it after reading the article there that explains the details. You need to work out the best time to bet, and when to raise your own stakes on the odds. There will be times that you lose, but with good tactics you stand a good chance of winning.

It takes time to learn these tactics. You’re not going to pick them up overnight and suddenly become a tennis betting master. You need to spend the time developing your tactics, and the best way to do that is to talk to others who bet on tennis games. Find out why they choose certain bets and why they don’t bother with others.

With tennis betting, people are more likely to share their tips and thought processes. They’re not playing against you, but against the betting shop. There’s little risk to them to share their tips, and really they’re just offering you the helping hand.

There Is Still an Element of Luck

As with anything, there is still an element of luck when it comes to tennis betting. This is especially the case when it comes to the accumulator bets—those where you have to see all your bets come up to win the money.

The downside is that you have no effect in the outcome of the game. You can only watch and hope that your tennis players win their matches. This is why it is often considered a little like roulette, where you can only watch the ball spin around the table and hope that it lands on your colour or number.

However, that doesn’t mean skill in not involved. After all, you will need to look into the teams and the odds before you decide on an accumulator bet. Without that, then you are playing a game of chance. Being able to think about all your options carefully is not something you can do with roulette.

Remember the Bookie Edge

Another element to remember when betting is the bookie edge. This isn’t something the roulette tables have to think about due to the high risk already there. The bookie edge is something to factor into your tactics, making it a bigger game of skill.

In short, tennis betting isn’t just a game of chance. There is an element of skill involved, so you shouldn’t think of it like roulette. Consider it more of a game of poker, where you develop tactics and play with them in mind.

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