Jun 16, 2006

disappointed with Canon

I was rather disappointed with the services at Canon. I went to the branch in Shah Alam and had to wait for 15 minutes before it was my turn.

I know my IXUS II was rather outdated but I knew many people who's using the same model having problem with the display LCD as well. It was pretty frustrating because the screen is totally blackout. I was told by one of the customer service rep to wait for two weeks. Until now, even after 9 days, I couldn't see any changes to the status of my camera. I tried to login earlier on but the website was down.

I went to Nikon a week earlier to service my Sis's DSLR and I must say that the services offered there were so much better. I didn't have to wait for my queue and their service was fast (plus the reception is very friendly)! I was told to wait for 15 minutes for sensor-cleaning but they never keep me waiting for that long. Moreover, it is free.

I love the IXUS camera but I hope Canon can improve on their services (they need to learn to smile, too!).

scratch-n-win scam gang increasing their activities in PJ

Scratch-n-win scam gang spotted again @HSBC, PJ

It was such a coincident that my friend (a scratch-n-win victim) saw the same group of youngsters again yesterday outside Public Bank (Damansara Jaya branch) using the same tactics to lure potential victims. It seems that this company, Techligent Sdn Bhd, is desperately increasing their activities in PJ, either to increase their profits for refunds or they intend to make big bucks before closing down the company (and reopen another one). The supervisor, by the name of Ah Teng, was seen together with the other young staff again after my friend saw her the day before outside HSBC Bank, PJ.

Again, people, please be aware of anyone approaching you outside the bank. They could be the scratch-n-win scammers!

Jun 14, 2006

scratch-n-win scam gang spotted again @HSBC, PJ

Things to do when involved in scratch-n-win scam
Scratch-n-win scam
The Star: Report scam to tribunal

My friend who were cheated by the scratch-n-win scam just called and said she's seeing the same group of people outside the HSBC Bank, Petaling Jaya branch just a couple of minutes ago. She came out from the bank and the same "scam gang" from Techligent Sdn Bhd (based in Penang and was said to be previously known as Zunich) is spotted outside the bank doing exactly the same thing, knocking on people's car and looking for the next victim.

So, inform your friends and relatives about this scam and be aware when being approached by people outside the bank. Another source told me that this scam is currently operating widely in Wangsa Maju and Kuantan as well. The last time I heard, a victim was conned RM8k.

As for my friend, who were being cheated RM4k, received a call from Techligent Sdn Bhd and said the cheque for refund is ready today. However, they refused to pay extra RM200 for lawyer fees. If they really refund the money to my friend, the court case (7th July, 2006) will be closed.

something to cheer about

AXN Asia: Something To Cheer About
First time lucky

So my blog about winning sports merchandise from Samsung Sports World is in AXN Asia's Sightings. It doesn't matter about the embarassment of mistaken the prize for something else.

Jun 13, 2006

local sports news

The Star: Do we still care about local sports news?

Below is the full (and unedited) version of my blog in The Star.

Everyday, foreign sports news monopolize our sports section.

We are fed with golf and motorsports results as well as many pages of World Cup updates. Even the less popular French Open takes up a page or two although tennis is not Malaysians favourite sports.

We read about the injuries and recoveries of football stars like Cisse and Ronney and yet we don't really bother when Hafiz defeated Indonesian player, Simon Santoso, to keep Malaysia in the hunt for the men's singles crown at the Singapore Open.

Does this mean we no longer care about local sports news?

Back in the 80s and 90s, we strongly supported our badminton and football teams. We even loved to watch Sukma and never failed to catch up with the SEA games. From Zainal Abidin Hassan, M. Kumaresan and Misbun Sidek to Jeffery Ong, you name them and all of us have great respect for them.

We had our gloriest moment in the previous decades and I just hope that we did not retire after the Commonwealth Games in 1998. Or did we?

Jun 12, 2006

learning through crossword puzzles

I've always been passionate about crossword puzzles. That's why I've been trying to incorporate crosswords into the national syllabus and hope to produce an alternative way for students to grasp knowledge.

I have been using the same tool to teach my students, and so far the results have been amazing. My students did improved on their spelling and able to memorise terminology, vocabulary and facts (although there's no scholarly research being done to prove it yet). It can be used on both high achievers and under achievers, depending on its usage and sets of questions. Hence, I've been running workshops for teachers to guide them on crossword construction and how to use it in their classrooms. So far, I have been receiving good response from teachers and parents.

So, in order to apply this to students, I'll be running a series of workshops from this month end to August. Subjects include Bahasa Melayu, English, Science, Mathematics, Sejarah, Geografi and Kemahiran Hidup. This one-day workshop will be conducted in University of Malaya at the Faculty of Education. Time and date will be notified soon.

Schools, teachers parents and students who are interested and want to know more about this workshop, please contact me @ 012-3720 858 or email to me at

Dr M vs Pak Lah - my point of view

I told myself I'm not going to blog about politics anymore. But I felt guilty if I do not say something about Dr M vs Pak Lah issue.

I'm a pro-government and will always be. At the same time I also support leaders who are bold enough to come forward and enlighten the government. And Dr M is one of the very few people. I'm totally agree with Dr M when he said that Pak Lah has dismantle many of his projects. However, isn't that what happen to most of our government policies and projects in the past, too? Whenever a new minister takes over the leadership role, old policies will be abolished and new policies will be introduced to the rakyat.

However, there is one thing that the government and rakyat should never forget, Dr M's Vision 2020. Ever since Pak Lah take over the PM role, we are almost forgotten that the vision ever exists. Pak Lah and his ministers never ever really mentioned about Vision 2020, except during the recent Ninth Malaysia Plan.

We are not focusing towards our goal anymore. We only worry about tomorrow, if the government will ever raised the fuel price, tax or electricity rates. Pak Lah said we will focus on the Ninth Malaysia Plan, but trust me, most of us are not well-informed of the plan. And how about the 4.8% inflation rate? Since we are expecting a higher electricity rate this month, the the inflation rate will definitely increased to more than 5%. Are we just going to sit and wait or the government is going to do something about it? We no longer have short term solutions and long term goals.

I want to see something concrete being done by the government and not focusing on less important thing like anti-smoking or budi bahasa campaigns. Solve the AP issue, explain the scrapped bridge to Singapore project, inflation issue, improve national sports, etc. Your ministers said they are behind you back, so make them help you to solve the many issues facing by our country now. Also let us know your vision.

vamos rafael!

It was an unbelievable match between Nadal and Federer. Although the first set was disappointing, it didn't last long when Nadal came back on the second set and punished Federer with the same result, 6-1. Then the rest was history.

This final match at Roland Garros is not as nail-biting as the match at Rome Open. I would say that Nadal had an easy win over Federer due to his many unforced errors. So, how come Federer can't seem to beat his compatriot? Is it because of Nadal or the clay court? Perhaps the answer is in Federer himself.

Vamos Rafael! Nadal is unbeatable on clay. I'm looking forward to his matches on grass, which he has a lot to improve on.
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