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Jul 12, 2010

Rafael Nadal gets to bite the World Cup trophy

Rafael Nadal gets to taste the sweet success after his country Spain
wins the World Cup final last night.

¡VAMOS ESPAÑA! Spain won their maiden World Cup title with a 1-0 victory over the Netherlands.

However, bad news for Spanish tennis fans - France ended Spain's hopes of a Davis Cup hattrick triumphs the day before the World Cup final.

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Jul 9, 2010

HCFoo wants Spain to win World Cup 2010

There's no reason not to support the Spanish team in their first 2010 World Cup final when Fernando Verdasco does.

I'm an Azzurri fan for a decade now but this weekend would be an exception.

Being a fan of Rafael Nadal and the Spanish Armada boys, it's natural for me to root for Spain.

Nadal has announced in his website that he'll be taking a break from tennis and fly all the way to South Africa to support good friend Iker Casillas and his team mates.

Meanwhile, Fernando Verdasco and the rest of the Spanish Davis Cup players are preparing for the quarterfinals match against France.

Hopefully they'll be able to focus on putting an 'A' game tomorrow and not distracted by football.

Spanish Davis Cup team watching football


(Images via

Jun 1, 2010

Rafael Nadal on football

World Cup fever is here again. The first match will kick off in just less than two weeks.
"I love football," Nadal says. "Sure, I'm going to watch the World Cup."
Being a Spaniard, Nadal will of course root for his own country.

Nadal plans to see as many matches as he can in between matches during the Wimbledon later this month.
"I think Spain has an unbelievable team, a complete team: the goalkeeper, the defenders, and the attack is unbelievable. We have a chance to win," Nadal says.

"But at the same time, when you play matches ... anything can happen."
Speaking of match results, so far Nadal is doing great at the French Open.

The King of Clay moved into the quarterfinal yesterday after beating up and coming player Thomaz Bellucci in straight set 6-2, 7-5, 6-4.


Jun 22, 2006

World Cup is a good time for bonding

Recently I've been complaining too much about everything. So better talk about something light like World Cup.

The World Cup is getting more exciting. So does my social life and my relationship with my sibling.

I have been meeting up with my close friends and not-so-close friends regularly to catch up with our favourite matches. There were even secondary schoolmates which I seldom spoke to back in those schooling days but found a common topic recently which you know, is football!

My sister, a huge football fan too, recently have been spending quality time with me watching matches on the weekend at my place. In spite of staying far away from my place, she travelled all the way to watch her favourite teams play with me.

I truly believe that football not only bring nations together, it also brings relationships closer.

Jun 14, 2006

something to cheer about

AXN Asia: Something To Cheer About
First time lucky

So my blog about winning sports merchandise from Samsung Sports World is in AXN Asia's Sightings. It doesn't matter about the embarassment of mistaken the prize for something else.

Jun 9, 2006

support for the Azzurri

Being a fan ever since Roberto Baggio played in the World Cup 1994, I will continue to support the Azzurri. My bet is on the Italy to play to the final.
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