Apr 26, 2006

homework for parents

I believe most teachers would like to get to know their students well. Hence, they would usually ask their students to introduce themselves during the first day of class.

There's a better way to get to know your students. Tell your class that you are assigning their parents homework (the kids must be very happy!). Explain to your students that you need their parents to write a letter to discuss about them (likes, dislikes, achievements, concerns, etc).

I believe parents will respond well to this initiative.

Apr 24, 2006

high inflation rate

Dear PM,
Are we going to do something about the high inflation rate at 4.8%? Or at least give your comment about it? I know you can't do anything on the sharply increased fuel prices, but at least your ministers can encourage the rakyat to spend on local products like we used to do in the past. Campaigns like "Belilah Barangan Buatan Malaysia" and "Kempen Inflasi Sifar" initiated by Tun Dr Mahathir were so impactful back in those days. Please, at least do something about it.


Nadal the champ on clay

Rafael Nadal has proven again that he is the best player on clay. After his magnificent run on clay courts last year, and a couple of successes (Dubai Open and Monte Carlo title yesterday) this year, I believe Rafa is ready to defend his Rome title and Grand Slam title at Roland Garros.

It's still a long way for Rafa to challenge the #1 ranking from Federer after taking months to recover from injuries. However, he is not far from setting the record for the longest winning-streak (if he wins at Barcelona next week and Roland Garros starting in May).

Vamos Rafael!

my simple weight-losing plan - week 2

I've lost 3kg (that's equivalent to 6.6lbs). That's quite an achievement for me as I'm not the "exercise person".

Although I did not continue doing sit ups (I hated it so much) after the second day, I did jog and walk everyday without fail. And yesterday, I replaced the jog with cycling as I was in A Famosa Resort. Luckily I've started this exercise thing last week and have the stamina to cycle up and down the slopes at the resort.

I believe it's going to be a lot easier this week as I do enjoy eating salad although it means that I have to eat the same thing for lunch and dinner everyday (I've been tapao-ing Garden Salad minus the popcorn chicken from KFC everyday). I thought it would be cheaper to make my own salad but I've been to a couple of places here in PJ and I've decided that I won't eat any vegetables that are not fresh. I have been eating light meals like vegetarian meehoon for breakfast. Also I have been drinking lotsa water and low fat milk instead of my usual soft drinks.

I've never have so much self-discipline before in my life especially when it comes to eating and exercising. But I'll just do it for the sake of losing a few more pounds.

(My friends have been very supportive too. And now I don't get to join them eating out at mamak because they don't invite me anymore!)

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