Jul 25, 2020

Where to get Rafael Nadal's face mask, Kia-Nadal partnership extended till 2025

Source: via Twitter handle @coachdal

There has been a buzz going around on the availability of the face mask that Rafael Nadal is wearing. 

A fan emailed Rafa Nadal Academy and has been informed the stock will arrive in matter of weeks and announcement will be made on social media. 

Source: via Twitter handle @coachdal

Meanwhile, Kia Motors Corporation, the major partner of the Australian Open, has announced a five-year partnership renewal with Nadal via a global livestream training session hosted on his official Facebook page.

The signing will extend the Kia-Nadal partnership beyond the 20-year mark. The Spaniard was first sponsored by Kia Spain back in 2004 before becoming Kia’s global brand ambassador two years later at the age of 19.

The announcement was live streamed on Facebook from the Rafael Nadal Academy in his hometown of Mallorca, Spain. 

Source: Rafael Nadal's Facebook

The reusable mask is now available for sale on Rafa Nadal Academy online store. However the design is different from the one that Nadal has been wearing. Kindly take note that delivery is only limited to certain countries only. The size is available for both adult and child.

Source: Rafa Nadal Academy

Jul 24, 2020

Rafael Nadal defeats Usain Bolt as the most dominant player, poses on a luxury yacht and wears a mask

Source: Reuters

ESPN started a fan poll to determine the most dominant individual performance in sports and the result is none other than Rafael Nadal, who has been announced as the winner. 

The King of Clay proved that he's the most popular beating the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt, in the final round. 

In a separate occasion, the Spaniard has been spotted enjoying his brand new 80 Sunreef Power Great White yacht. The majestic yacht hit the water at the Gdansk based yard and was delivered to Mallorca, his hometown just last month.

Meanwhile, stay safe and wear your mask just like Nadal!
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