Feb 29, 2008

What would Maria Sharapova say to golf hottie Adam Scott?

"Night match please?"

That's what tennis beauty Maria Sharapova said when she listed Adam Scott at number six on her top 10 list of dream mixed-doubles partners.

Scott also admitted that he would be keen to play a round with Sharapova.

"I haven't met Maria yet but it's nice," said the Australian world number five.

"She's a good-looking girl and a good tennis player. Maybe we'll run into each other one day."

The comments will set tongues wagging in elite sports circles where both Scott, 27, and Sharapova are hot commodities.

(Pictures via Down the Line!)

Prince Harry secretly serving in Afghanistan

One of the biggest secret is out. Wild child turn soldier, Prince Harry, has been secretly fighting in Afghanistan since Christmas.

He is a J-TAC (Joint Terminal Air Controller). He serves on the frontlines in Afghanistan's Helmand Province. The third in line for the throne has coordinated major air support against the Taliban and taken part in foot patrols with his fellow soldiers.

The prince arrived in Afghanistan Christmas Eve. A week later, he oversaw his
first airstrike on a bunker system behind Taliban lines in which up to 15 enemy fighters had been positively identified from the air.

Perhaps this could be a positive turning point for Prince Harry. In the last few year, he has made more news being served alcohol at various nightclubs than he has serving his country.

I once read an article predicted that Prince Harry would be the first member of the royal family to go to the outer space. Looking at the path he is going, it might happen one day.

Feb 28, 2008

Andy Murray solves his hairy problem!

Finally Andy Murray has get rid of his pop-up disastrous hairstyle. Yay!

I've mentioned a bit on how un-smart it is for him to sport that hairstyle. The talented British tennis player even documented the process of the transformation.

Here's Andy Murray's new look! It's simple and most importantly look clean.

Feb 27, 2008

Gillian Chung banned from Beijing Olympics 2008

Gillian Chung, who was recently involved in the Edison Chen's nude scandal photos, was axed from singing at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. Here is the citation from the Sydney Morning Herald:
A female Hong Kong pop star at the centre of a sex photos scandal has been banned from singing at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, a news report said today.
The ceremony’s artistic director Zhang Yimou decided to take Chung off the bill after the scandal broke and had replaced her and another Hong Kong star not involved in the photos incident with Chinese pop act A-One, the newspaper said.

More than 2000 people complained when Chung appeared on a charity TV show at the height of the scandal a fortnight ago and she was forced to scrap a public appearance last Saturday when protesters threatened to disrupt her performance.

The scandal over the pictures has tainted the saccharine-sweet image of Hong Kong’s so-called Canto-pop industry whose cheesy romantic melodies sung in Cantonese sell by their millions in Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan.

I wonder if there are any further consequences from this scandal in the near future again.

Feb 26, 2008

Pak Lah ni tak realistik betul!

Of all the places on the taxi, Pak Lah chose to stick the Barisan Nasional sticker on the windscreen. How smart is that when it comes to road safety? Although it is not sticked right in front of the driver's seat, it is still dangerous assuming cars coming from the left. Tak realistik betul lar Pak Lah ni!

Feb 24, 2008

HCFoo's Birthday Quotation and The Ice Cream Cake

Birthday is not for celebration but a day to remember our Mother who had to go through the painful labour process of bringing us into this world - HCFoo

My birthday is just few days away. As usual, I would prefer to remain low profile hoping that no one will waste money and effort to do anything for my birthday.

What I want is just to remember my beloved mother who had to struggle and experienced extr
eme labour pain to deliver me into this world. Hence, it has been a ritual for me to call home and thank my mother instead.

However, there are always caring siblings and friends who want to celebrate your birthday. I celebrated my birthday yesterday, few days earlier, with a small group of friends including my sister. It was just a small gathering. The highlight yesterday wasn't really me but instead it was the Birthday Cake!

I had my dream cake, a mint chocolate ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

Blame it on the global warming

However the dry ice cannot last for more than 4 hours. Hence, the ice cream cake was already melted quite a bit by the time we opened it. Even lighting up the candles on the cake made us nervous because the chocolate started to melt too.

The aftermath.

Thank you guys for the birthday cake and the dinner. I truly enjoy last evening.

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