Jun 22, 2006

World Cup is a good time for bonding

Recently I've been complaining too much about everything. So better talk about something light like World Cup.

The World Cup is getting more exciting. So does my social life and my relationship with my sibling.

I have been meeting up with my close friends and not-so-close friends regularly to catch up with our favourite matches. There were even secondary schoolmates which I seldom spoke to back in those schooling days but found a common topic recently which you know, is football!

My sister, a huge football fan too, recently have been spending quality time with me watching matches on the weekend at my place. In spite of staying far away from my place, she travelled all the way to watch her favourite teams play with me.

I truly believe that football not only bring nations together, it also brings relationships closer.

complaint against UM library

I am frustrated with the service offered in UM main library. Even though the library will be closed in 30 minutes, the librarians will start switching off lights and computers and ask students to leave.

I was particularly mad yesterday when one of the librarian purposely switched off the main power in one of the computer lab specially for postgrad. I was on my way out when suddenly the lights were out. Some students were doing their work and of course whatever they were doing or typing, all the data were gone! So rude! At that time, it was just 7.45 pm and the library will only be closed in 15 minutes. Or at least, the librarian should inform the students to save their data as he will close the main power. Even the promoters at shopping centre doesn't chase customers away 15 minutes before their premise is closed so that they have time to pack their stuff and switch off lights.

I've sent an email to the head librarian, the head of customer service and QAMU (Quality Assurance Management Unit) to complain about the matter.

Selamat pagi,

Saya merupakan seorang pascasizwazah ingin melahirkan perasaan kecewa tentang layanan yang diberikan kepada para pengguna di Makmal Komputer B.

Semalam (pada pukul 7.40pm, 21 Jun 2006) setelah diumumkan bahawa perpustakaan akan ditutup dalam masa 30 minit, seorang pustakawan (yang tidak akan saya nyatakan nama di sini) telah masuk ke Makmal Komputer B yang dikhaskan untuk pelajar pasca ijazah. Dengan nada yang tinggi, pustakawan tersebut memberitahu bahawa perpustakaan akan ditutup pada masa itu (sedangkan pengumuman mengatakan akan ditutup dalam masa 15 minit lagi). Saya mula meninggalkan bilik tersebut. Ketika saya melangkah keluar dari bilik berkenaan, pustakawan tersebut dengan sengajanya menutup suis bekalan yang terdapat di dalam Makmal Komputer B. Ini bermakna semua maklumat dalam komputer yang sedang digunakan oleh beberapa orang pelajar yang masih berada di dalam bilik itu telah hilang kerana suis bekalan elektrik telah ditutup tanpa pengetahuan mereka. Paling mengecewakan, pustakawan tersebut membuat seperti dia tidak sengaja berbuat demikian.

Para ketua pustakawan sekalian,
Ini bukannya kali pertama pustakawan berbuat demikian untuk "menghalau" (rasanya tidak berlebihan untuk saya mengatakan demikian) pelajar walaupun masa tutup perpustakaan belum sampai. Pustakawan harus bersikap lebih profesional dan Perpustakaan Utama Universiti Malaya harus menyediakan perkhidmatan yang baik kepada para pengguna. Seperti masa tutup yang dijanjikan iaitu pada pukul 8 pm, perpustakaan UM harus menyediakan perkhidmatan sehingga waktu berkenaan. Masa 30 minit (atau 15 minit sekalipun) sebelum masa tutup bukannya masa untuk pustakawan berkemas untuk pulang. Seperti pasar raya, promoter tidak akan menghalau pelanggan keluar 30 minit sebelum premis mereka ditutup dengan alasan mereka ingin mengemas barang atau menutup lampu untuk pulang.

Universiti Malaya ialah sebuah universiti bertaraf antarabangsa dan begitu juga dengan Perpustakaan Utama yang merupakan gedung ilmu dan tempat yang paling akrab dengan pelajar. Diharap para ketua pustakawan sekalian akan mengambil langkah yang sewajarnya untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan yang terbaik untuk para pengguna.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Jun 21, 2006

(not so) disappointed with Canon (anymore) pt. 3

Finally I have received calls and sms from Canon as soon as I placed a call to one of the customer service rep, Ms Lai (thank you!) and an email to the marketing department (Ms Ang, thank you too!).

Thanks to philters for the advice.

I am happy that they did take immediate action as I need the camera urgently for my field work. I'm not sure if their server was down the other day when I sent an email to their helpdesk. They claimed they did not receive my email.

Seriously there is still room to improve at Canon especially on machine repair and customer service. I'm not a photography enthusiast like my sis (who prefers Nikon) but I want an efficient service when my camera break down (as I need it for my job).

disappointed with Canon pt. 2

Disappointed with Canon

I have waited for my camera to be repaired for two weeks now (as promised by the customer service rep) and I still do not see the camera is ready in their "machine repair status " website.

I've sent them an email asking about the status of my camera but there was no reply or whatsoever. So my conclusion, slow service and slow respond by Canon. I think I wouldn't be so particular about this if I don't need to use the camera.
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