Jun 10, 2005

akademi fantasia 3

Although I'm not really a fan of the Malay music scene but I have to give credit to the show Akademi Fantasia (AF). I first watched the show last year when introduced by my Sis who's working in Astro. Now in its 3rd season, I often keep myself updated with the show by watching Diari Akademi Fantasia. Last year there were a lot of Mas (one of the pelajar AF2) fanatic fans. And this year, if you watch Astro @15 you can see Mawi fans dominated the chatroom.

I'm not sure who's my favourite yet but I believe all the 14 pelajar have a lot of things to improve to become better performers. One thing that makes AF so special compare to Malaysian Idol or Audition is AF have some of the best cikgu in the country to train them in singing, dancing and performing. To be honest, Malaysian Idol was lucky because they have Jaclyn Victor last year. Unless they have charismatic contestants with singing background, Malaysian Idol will not be able to compete with AF. Besides Aznil is more versatile, witty and original (although I hate the watch him potraying the sad face when announcing the name of pelajar who will be leaving at the end of concert AF) compare to the hosts and judges in Malaysian Idol who were just a bunch of imitators of the US version.

Tomorrow night will be the AF concert. Definitely Mawi and Felix will top the voting list. Hopefully Amylea will survive because she is indeed a good singer who's a serious pelajar in AF3.

Jun 9, 2005

something's very wrong at the servicing departments

This morning I was at the institute of postgraduates to work on my fees for the coming semester. All of us have to come to the fact that the servicing departments in universities and government are the same. I was at the counter and one of the employee told me to wait. So I waited, for about 10 minutes. There were 6 persons in that very room and yet no one wants to attend me. The reason, it's because the person in charge was on the phone in another room.

When the lady in charge went back to her cubicle, she was so busy replying sms and yet nobody ask her to attend me at the counter. I was so mad but control myself because I know I have to deal with these people again in the future. Finally, she attended me at the counter after calling her several times. In fact, there were another 3 person waiting behind me (plus another foreign student who was already very mad and complained about their attitude).

I'm not sure if we have to live with the attitude of these people forever. My buddy went to Putrajaya yesterday and she told me that the officers there finish work at 4 pm although the official time is 4.15 pm. And finishing work means they walk out of the building. That means they do not attend customers by 4.45 pm so that they have ample time to prepare themselves and pack their stuff to go home. This reminds me of the my uni library. By the time it was 4.50 pm you can see the staff walking out of the building already.

Staff in government departments and universities are too comfortable and they are lack of drive and enthusiasm. Try to imagine if they only have to work five days a week. This will only train them to become even more lazy. What's next? 4 days work so that they can off on Friday as well?

Malaysian education system is not the worst

It is simply ridiculous when I read someone's blog saying that local universities websites are so Frontpage. Perhaps these people should do some homework before they make such judgment.

Our education system or universities are definitely not something that we are proud of. However, if anyone of you do read educational journals you will realize that our system is far from being the lousiest. Even countries like the United States and Great Britain are dissatisfy with their own systems.

Most of the time, the people who complain about the local education system do not experience the system themselves or they failed. They complained about the double standard treatment against non-bumi, disagree with the usage of Malay language, make remark that local uni graduates are usually jobless, etc. I would say that if you work and and strive for what you believe, entering the best local uni and offered the best course is not even a problem. Most local graduates (who are non-Malays) are well-versed in English and Malay (and even Mandarin) and they were offered some of the best jobs. From what I've observed through interviews, local graduates (mostly Chinese candidates) are the most hardworking, ethical and fast learners.

the difference between clay and grass

I was outstation for few days and not able to update the final match between Rafa and Puerta. As expected, Rafa won the French Open but it's not really an easy one.

After a long clay season. Rafa lost his first match on grass in Halle, Germany. Rafa lost a close three-set match to German Alexander Waske in the first round, 6-4, 5-7, 3-6. Perhaps he should take a break before Wimbledon starts end of this month.
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