May 19, 2007

condemn tutors who punish kids

It's been a long time since I write something on education.

I was chatting with my boss how time flies and her kids actually grow up and studying in primary level now. Like any other modern parents, my boss is ready to spend huge sum of money just for their education which includes tuition fees. Being a private tutor for so many years, I'm not surprised by the amount that she forked out. What surprises me was, my boss actually gave permission to her private tutor to punish her son if he doesn't listen or do his work.

I know it's perfectly normal for parents to do that for the good sake of their children. Even my parents asked my teachers to punish or beat me when I was small. But to me it won't work. It will only create fear in their children. Once kids get used to the punishment, they will be immunized and will not give a damn anymore.

What is the best solution? Get a tutor who knows how to motivate your children. Yes, it's easy to say than done (or find). Your children should have a tutor who gives attention to your children not only academically but as well as other things like co-curriculum, interests, etc. In the end, all your children need is not another commander to force them to sit down and study. They need a compassionate tutor who is willing to sit down together and accompany them through the process of learning in a tuition class.

To all the tutors out there, please don't teach if you think you enjoy punishing kids (like asking them to ketuk ketampi hundred times or hit them with rotan until lebam). Please don't teach if you think you are more superior than the kids. Please don't teach if your students hate you or intimidated by you.

To all the parents out there, spend more time with your kids. There are more than life than getting As or earning money. Find balance between your career and your family. Show love and concern to your kids as much as you can. Ask them about their homework and learning in school and get them to open up to you as much as possible. Motivates them. Sometimes, you don't need to motivate your kids by using materials. Motivation can be free of charge.

omigod! Fedex and Nadal to play in Shah Alam?!

Am I dreaming or what? Slap me. Pinch me. Omigod! Can you believe it? Can you actually believe that Federer and Nadal are going to play in Malaysia? And my tennis hero of all time, Pete Sampras whom I watched playing on television since I was a kid is going to join those top players as well in Shah Alam.

I googled for Nadal's latest updates at Hamburg Open and to my surprise, I came across this news from The News Straits Times online.

I'm already planning a trip to Bangkok Open this September when I know that Nadal is going to be there. But having my favourite clay court specialist in my homeland is something I can't imagine of! Oh my, am I still dreaming?

Despite all the things our Tourism Minister said about bloggers, I'm going to love him for one second because he's going to officially announce the exhibition match this Wednesday. I just hope the tickets are not going to cost a fortune or I'll just go to Bangkok instead. And I'm not sure if it's going to be easy to get a ticket. Anyone running the event, please contact me about the details on ticketing (if you are interested to find volunteers, you can drop me a line too).

It's Visit Malaysia Year and there's no better way to promote our country than to have these top players playing in our country.

May 18, 2007

fell asleep @ the cinema again

Okay, it's true this is not my first, second or third time sleeping while watching a movie at the cinema. Most of the time it happened at the cinema in Genting.

Just now I went to catch the movie, Blades of Glory (BOG) at GSC 1 Utama. I'm a fan of Will Farrell but man, this movie is not that hilarious. Even Wild Hogs was 5 times better than this one. There are some entertaining and funny moments but BOG is just as disappointed as Mr Bean's Holiday.

I was already having headache (real headache and it's not caused by Paypal) since morning and working until 9.30 p.m. By the time I was in the cinema for the 11.20 p.m. show I was already tired. before even half of the show, I fell asleep until the show was over.

paypal is giving me a headache

I must admit that this Paypal is giving me lots of headache already. Few days ago my account went into limited status. So I decided to pay a small fee to expand the usage. But I did not fax enough document i.e. utility bill or bank statement for them and hence it's still put on hold.

But the good news is I'm able to accept my PayPerPost payments after reading D
aryl's post this morning. However, please be warn that it's kinda risky as the bank account is fake! I dare not touch the 'confirm' bank account button and hopefully there will be no problem until I replace it with the new bank account through VMI card purchase.

Paypal really suck! I wish there will be other alternative than using PayPal to get my payment for paid posts.

May 13, 2007

Nadal did it again!

Vamos Rafa!

Nadal did it again at Rome Open winning his third consecutive titles in a row, which nobody has ever done it before! This also means that his winning streak on clay is now at 77 matches. Unbelievable!

Since I'm going to sleep soon and won't be able to catch the delay telecast @ 2 a.m., I followed up with the live score on the official Rome Open website.

It was an easy win for Nadal which I couldn't believe it since Fernando Gonzalez, the finalist, is quite a smart player and had a good year so far especially when he made it into the final at the Australian Open.

Nadal who had a rough day yesterday playing Davydenko, easily beaten Gonzalez 6-2, 6-2 in just 1 hour 24 minutes. I guess Nadal has recovered from dizziness and stomach pain which resulted in his poor game yesterday.

With his perfect game on clay so far, it's definitely a positive campaign for the upcoming French Open at Roland Garros. But before that, Nadal will be heading to Hamburg Open, which he and Federer missed last year, in preparation for the Grand Slam Open.

resolution to Paypal problem

I assume that the problem with Paypal is going to be permanent. They should have at least send us a notification email for those who doesn't have an US bank account before implement this new regulation.

Anyway, I have tried sending out another email to Paypal asking for updates about the acceptance of payment without a US bank account again.

However, after reading the post by Weirdoux today, I've decided to get a VMI ATM card asap. The complete procedure can be found at HongKiat's blog.

Hopefully there will be no problem sending out fund via Paypal to complete the application. Anyone have any clue?

76th consecutive win on clay for Nadal

Just spent 3 hours 36 minutes watching Nadal vs Davydenko in their semifinal match at the Rome Open. It's not my favourite match especially seeing Nadal making so many repeated errors. I must say that Davydenko could be the biggest threat to Nadal especially in the upcoming French Open.

Nadal won the first set 7-6 showing that he has an extra edge especially when playing tie breaker. Then when it comes to the second set, Davydenko had a sweet revenge by winning 7-6. By the time when they were playing the third set, Nadal got back his touch and won 6-4.

So Nadal will play Fernando Gonzalez in the final tomorrow (watch the delay telecast (not again!) on Star Sports Astro Channel 82 @ 2 a.m.). The last time they met, Gonzalez beat Nadal but that wasn't on clay. I believe Nadal will have his 77 winning streak on clay and his 3rd consecutive Rome Open championship. He is unbeatable. Vamos Rafa!

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