Jul 5, 2006


These photos were shot almost a month ago when my Sis and I went to Putrajaya. It is embarassing but yes, that was my first time there. It was really a beautiful place (nevermind the government spent billions of ringgit building the town).

WWF rowing competition for charity

I was at the WWF rowing competition last Sunday as a spectator. My Sis was there to participate in the competition as she was in the Astro Rowing Team. Her team tried hard to chase the HSBC's second team to get a third place but their competitor was just too strong (maklumlah they had put in lotsa money and effort to came up with the result). I must tabik all the guys because most of them had to row many so rounds (each organization had to row about 40 rounds altogether from 9am to 4 pm).

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa is not a bad place at all to organize such an event. It's very clean and totally above my expectation (I always have this bad image about the place). It's also the right place to bring your children to and as for the adults it is the right place to find some peace and inspiration.

Jul 3, 2006

complaint against UM library - part 2

I'm glad that the head librarian and head of customer service department paid attention to my comment the other day.

Although I'm not so satisfy with the answer given, saying that the librarian in charged had accidentally switched off the main power because he thought it was the air-con, at least they take the matter seriously. I've not gone back to the library in the evening to see if they have done any improvement.

Anyway, new semester reopen and I'll be spending a lot of time doing research in the library.
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