Sep 8, 2006

just 3 reasons why I hate "One In A Million"

I must say that of all the reality singing show I've ever seen, "One In A Million" is the show that you don't feel like watching. I watched the first few weeks and then I stopped. I only kept myself updated with the show results and gossips. Here's are just 3 reasons enough to make me stop watching:

1. The show is a rojak show. I don't mean the language (although it is) but because the show is a mix of Akademi Fantasia (the diary part and the comments by Shafinaz which is very similar to what she always said in AF) and Malaysian/American Idol (Paul 'Simon Cowell wannabe' Moss and the small stage).

2. Recording artists are allowed to participate but this is not my reason. I mean artist like Dayang Nurfaizah is exempted from the show's promotional tours? 8tv double standard or what? If I'm the sponsor, I'll kick her out! I thought participants must sign a commitment letter. So Dayang has a different agreement? No doubt she is a good singer, but what is the point when you just want to take the RM1 mil but not participating in all the promotional tours like everyone else. I hate to say this, but is she doing her own promotional tour because I've been seeing advertisement that she was performing in Planet Hollywood few months back and even on the TV (not OIAM though).

3. The participants are boring and doesn't have charisma. I don't think anyone really deserve the RM1 mil. In fact, I think AF is more successful. Seriously that was the only Malay show that I followed although I don't vote. Perhaps I like the show because of Aznil. And the quality of sound and transmission are clearer too.

I think 8tv should go back to Malaysian Idol instead. One In A Million is a total failure. It's true.

Rockstar Supernova: final 4

Dilana is back! Last night elimination night was the right time for Dilana to make a come back after weeks of bashing on Rockstar. She killed the song "I Want You To Want Me" by Cheap Trick. The ending was a bomb! I don't purposely say this because I'm a fan but because now I'm relieve and believe that she finally proved that she's worth to be in the final. After all she is the best singer among all the rockers in the show.

Eventhough we have seen so much humiliating moments about Dilana, after last night show, now I believe Dilana still have a chance to win. In fact, I believe she is Supernova first choice. Let me tell you why:

1. Dilana is the first choice to sing Supernova original song "Leave the Lights On". Jason Newsted kept reminding the audience and rockers that they haven't decided on the winner yet and there are still lotsa chance for the rockers to prove themselves. Actually Supernova already knew who they want.

2. This is not an audition for a front man for a heavy metal band. Let us remember that the genius behind this show is Mark Burnett, the king of reality shows. If you look at The Apprentice, Survivor and The Contender, you see lotsa manipulation and drama. Rockstar is no less.

3. Throughout this show we have seen the best and the worst in Dilana which we don't see in other rockers. In short, she is the main focus of the show.

4. If you look closely at the Rockstar logo, it shows the shadow of a woman! A resemblance of Dilana, perhaps?

5. JD Fortune didn't received good response from the audience too and had been criticized by INXS because of his attitude on stage and off stage and yet he was chosen to front INXS. If you remember, JD was commented by his band mates even in the first week for crossing the line when he was performing on stage. But why he was chosen? Simply because he is the man and the voice for the band. Only the people who cares and wants you to improve will criticize you. If you compare Dilana and Lukas, Dilana was criticized by the house band leader (???) for changing the arrangement of the song "Behind Blue Eyes" which sounds ok to me but there was no similar comment for Lukas who did a horrible rendition of Living On a Prayer and Lithium and yet still got praised by Supernova? It didn't make sense to me at all. If you are living in the Bon Jovi era, you knew Lukas sucked!

In the end, nobody is heavy metal enough to front Supernova except Dilana. She has come a long way and go through ups and downs. Speedy recovery for Dilana. I guess, she'll still be jumping with one foot throughout the show. Seriously, if I'm her, I would be giving up after all the embarassment and tore my muscle. Man, she is one tough lady. Now, I'm hoping that the best remedy for you by winning this competition! As for Toby, people might think he's going to win this, but he just got a car and he's only shines in this couple of weeks. So, Toby is not likely going to win this.

Sep 6, 2006

who is the real Suri Cruise?

I'm not a big of Tom Cruise and never interested to blog about him. But his baby with Katie Holmes, Suri, which was just revealed to the public made me curious. There is one big question in my head, "Is this Suri Cruise?" Looking at her picture just made me want to know the truth.

1. Why does Suri look so Asian?

2. Why does she look older than her age? I'm pretty sure that I know how to differentiate between a 4-month old baby and a 2-year old.

3. How come a 4-month old baby has so much hair?

4. Why did Tom and Katie take so long to reveal their baby? Tom loves attention but why this time he is so secretive?

5. I always thought that Tom can't have a baby and that's why he opted for adoption when he was married to his ex-wives. Perhaps technology can create miracles now and I'm too ignorant to know that.

Anyway, the baby is cute and she will definitely have a good life having Tom and Katie's as her parents.

Sep 5, 2006

Discovery Channel: The Boy With Divine Powers(?)

Last Sunday I spent time watching two documentaries about Buddhism on Discovery Channel; first it was The Boy With Divine Powers and followed by Born Again Buddhists.

We read before in the newspaper regarding about a meditating teenage boy in Nepal who drew huge crowds and earned himself the name Buddha-reincarnate. As a Buddhist, of course I'm curious to know if this is the truth or just a scam. Sad to say, Discovery Channel did not provide the answer. Throughout the show, you realized that the place where the boy meditate had turned into a tourist spot. It turned into a lucrative business because the boy's brother who ran the place and supported by a group of committee members collected thousands and thousands of dollars.

In the documentary, Discovery Channel interviewed Lama Lekshey whom I met again recently on his visit to Malaysia. As I do not understand about the message of the documentary particularly about the "sweat" and the fact that there is no conclusion whether the boy is for real, I wrote an email to Lama Lekshey himself. It turns out that Discovery Channel interpreted Lama Lekshey's message wrongly and edited some important points. According to Lama Lekshey, the "sweat" is not because of the boy's power but because of Lama's meditation. From my understanding, I believe the boy only started to sweat when Lama meditated (like a spiritual battle between them) and not because of the boy's so-called power.

Lama Lekshey did not want to elaborate further. I agree because I believe there is no need to seek an answer as the boy and his brother had since disappeared as told by the documentary. The place which was once a tourist spot is now quiet again.

Currently, Lama Lekshey is in Spain and he is preparing the visit of my guru, His Holiness Sakya Trizin. Lama will be very busy because HH will be in Spain from 26 September to 20 October.

Sep 4, 2006

the amazing race 10: fever is on

Again, The Amazing Race proves that they are still the best reality competition by winning again at the Emmy Award last week.

And the new The Amazing Race season 10 will be shown on AXN starting from 18 September! It feels like ages waiting for the show (and I felt just the same way for Lost season 3!) eventhough we just saw BJ and Tyler won season 9 few months ago.

I've just log on to the AXN website that offers to win The Amazing Race goodies by simply giving one amazing reason to watch the show. I've submitted mine. I would loved to win the waist pouch and torch!

"I can give hundreds of reasons to watch the Amazing Race and talk about this show from season 1 to season 9. But above all the good reasons, there is one particular reason why I loved so much about the show. The diversity of the culture in each country the contestants have been to show me how small the world we lived in and yet time is often limited for us to see the entire world. While contestants rushed from one check point to another, they get to explore different countries and continents of the world. Some of the contestants spared time to admire and appreciate the beauty of the places along the race while some just concentrate on their tasks or relationships or even complained about the inconvenience they faced particularly when they were in the third world countries or East Asia whereby English is not a popular language. Therefore, I'm really excited and looking forward to season 10 because this time around we are not only going to see the most amazing and diverse culture in the most challenging cities in countries like China, Mongolia and Kuwait but we will also have the opportunity to watch the most diverse casts (there are Asian-American, Indian-American, Muslims, an amputee and an out-lesbian) ever shown on the Amazing Race."

For more info about The Amazing Race 10, go to:
CBS: The Amazing Race 10
Wikipedia: The Amazing Race 10

And by the way, The Amazing Race Asia promotional tour is coming to Malaysia this Saturday at Berjaya Times Square. They are looking for 10 teams of 2 to participate in some of the challenges and win great prizes. I wish I can join but I gotta work.
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