Feb 25, 2006

crossword construction workshop

My crossword construction workshop ran smoothly this morning. Although some of the participants cannot make it due to the changes of time and date, I'm still glad that I'm able to proceed with this first workshop at my faculty.

Throughout the workshop, I was able to understand more about the teachers need and things that I can improve in my presentation. I must say that I have a great group of teachers/educators yesterday. They are very proactive, knowledgeable and respectable teachers.

It's definitely not easy when it's a one-man show. There's a lot of preparation work, marketing and coordinating job. However, I couldn't wait to organize another one in this near future.

Feb 23, 2006

an ex-user of Renu Multi-Purpose Solution

I am an ex-user of Bausch & Lomb's Renu Multi-Purpose Solution. I am not surprise when I read in The Star that this multi-purpose solution is causing fungal eye infection.

In December, I started facing problems with my contact lens. At first I thought it was the lens. I have been using Acuvue disposable lens (1-month) for many years and never have such problem until I started using the multi-purpose solution in that month. I have to change the lens just after two days of using them because I felt sharp pain in my eyes. Then I decided to stop using the solution to see if that's the cause to my problem. I was right.

I thought it was my eyes that were sensitive and not suitable in using the Renu brand. Now I know I was not alone. Hopefully our Ministry of Health will investigate and stop users from using them until they can prove the solution is safe for usage.
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