Jul 14, 2005

get real coaches instead of training sports teachers

I am totally disagree with Datuk Azalina suggestion that sports teachers should go for training in order to be qualify enough to coach students.

Last week, Datuk Hishamuddin just raised a big issue that teachers are already overburdened and spent 38 days of training per year. Don't forget that most of these sports teachers do teach other subjects as well.

Isn't it the responsibility of the government to find ways to lessen their burden instead of adding more work and expectations on them? Sports teachers are not ironmen or women.

We have a lot of sportsmen in our country that the ministry can train and turn them into qualified coaches in schools. Although our sportsmen are not competitive internationally but at least they are good and comfortable at home.

Jul 10, 2005

Islamic world leaders' responsibility in fighting terrorism

The barbaric act of terrorism happened in the western world last week and the Islamic world leaders do nothing except sending condolences to Blair and the Londoners and condemn the sinful act. That's it!

Perhaps the Islamic world think that this is not happening at their own backyard and it is better for them to mind their own internal issues.

However, I believe it is the time for the Islamic world leaders to own the responsibility. They should stand up, unveil the root cause and fight against terrorism that tarnish the image of Islam. Yes, terrorism has no nothing to do with religion but the world is not seeing it that way. Islamic world leaders should list terrorism as their top agenda, create a strong action plan and start to educate the world that terrorism is the no. 1 enemy of Islam.

Don't wait for Bush or Blair to take the matter into their own hands as it will only create more conflicts and prejudices against Islam.
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