Dec 23, 2007

Friends of Rafa vs Friends of Iker

Nothing is better than to see Rafael Nadal combining two of his passion, tennis and football for a good cause.

Iker Casillas, Real Madrid's goalkeeper, and Nadal recently team up to plan various activities to promote public awareness of malaria and to raise money to buy vaccines for children infected by the disease.

"I'm extremely pleased to do it," explained Casillas. "The fight against malaria is a great cause that I've never undertaken. Rafa and I want this to be just the beginning, and we hope it's repeated for years to come. It's a great cause and I hope Madrid Arena is packed on Thursday. Nadal, the other athletes who will be there, and I would like to see the stands full of people. If it goes well, we will try to hold it in a larger venue next year."

Nadal had the support of cyclist, Alberto Contador, Real Madrid players, Fabio Cannavaro, Jesús Navas, Raúl González, and Formula One driver Pedro Martínez de la Rosa.

Casillas’ team was Oscar Pereiro, David Ferrer, Fernando Hierro, Álvaro de Benito, the singer from Pignoise, and Fernando Alonso.

Nadal's team won on penalties. Nadal showed his football skills by scoring six goals. The penalties came after the combined scores between the teams after the football and tennis was 14-14.

Fernando Alonso received the most applause on his appearance. Check him in action here. I think he should stick to his F-1 car.

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