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Sep 14, 2007

To go or not to go Indonesia...

... that is no longer a question.

I've cancelled my 4 days leave this morning. Supposed I'll be going to Solo/Yogjakarta this coming Monday together with my Sis. But after much persuasion from my parents and most importantly my Sis who is extremely worried about the situation in Indonesia after a series of earthquakes, we decided to call it off. Each of us just loss less than RM200 on the airport tax as the AirAsia flight tickets we purchased is zero ringgit.

Although Bengkulu, in the Sumatra Island is quite a distance away from central Java, I've decided not to take the risk due to last year's huge earthquake in Yogjakarta, which caused 5,782 deaths and almost 37,000 people injured. Earthquake is unpredictable disaster. The recent quakes might trigger quakes or tsunami in nearby places since they are located on the same platonic plate.

Well, seems like my dream to see the magnificent Borobudur in morning sunrise has to be put on hold
sad sad

May 3, 2007

3-month job contract

Today is my first day going back to normal working hours due to a 3-month job contract.

It's been more than two years working on my own, alone. Sometimes I do miss working with a group of colleagues, going lunch together, chit-chatting during working hours, etc.

And today it feels a little bit weird because I have to wake up early in the morning and beating through the jam. In fact I couldn't sleep last night thinking how today will be.

So here I am today, blogging through my lunch hour. The staff here are nice but sad thing is the admin people never do a proper orientation or at least introduce me to the staff. Perhaps it's because I'm a contractor here.

Hopefully during this 3 months, I'll save up enough money and start travelling in September to Yogyakarta and Bangkok. I've already booked air tickets and accommodation to take a tour to Borobodur and Prambanan. After that I'm planning to watch tennis games at Bangkok Open by the end of September because Rafael Nadal is playing along with Andy Roddick, Marcos Baghdatis and many other professional players.

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