Jan 13, 2006

handphone issue (part II)

In today's The Star newspaper, the ministry of education again stressed that they will stick to their decision to lift the ban of handphones in schools.

Like many other policies, I believe MOE will change their mind one day. Wait till we see headlines on major newspapers, perhaps something like misusing mms clips to humiliate/againts teachers or other students (reminds me of squatgate), parents complaining about mobile phone and service providers coming in and out the schools (like workbook sellers), statistic of missing handphones in schools in Malaysia per year.

It is definitely not a wise move by the MOE. They are indirectly creating more problems to teachers. Now teachers have to ensure students' phone etiquette, theft or missing handphones, etc. Even students are prone to greater peer pressure now.

Good for researchers though. Now they have good research problems for their theses writing or research projects.
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