Nov 6, 2008

Venus Williams & Billie Jean King pose nude in support of the Elton John Aids Foundation

Starting from October 30, 2008 to January 18, 2009, you might want to drop by at the National Portrait Gallery in UK to see a new display of over 30 previously unseen nude portraits of leading international sportsmen and women by acclaimed photographers Anderson & Low.

Venus Williams and Billie Jean King are among the sportswomen participated in this project to support the Elton John Aids Foundation in raising awareness of the global issue of HIV/AIDS.

Other sportsmen include Thierry Henry and Matt Dawson (pictures in sequence).

Sir Elton John, Chairman of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, says "I am delighted that the National Portrait Gallery is hosting this exhibition of wonderful photographs of internationally renowned male and female athletes."

"Anderson & Low have caught in these heroic images of the human body at peak physical condition just how frail, vulnerable and defenceless we all are in the face of such a pernicious virus as HIV."
National Portrait Gallery opening hours: Saturday-Wednesday: 10am - 6pm (Gallery closure commences at 5.50pm) Late Opening: Thursday, Fridays:10am - 9pm (Gallery closure commences at 8.50pm) Recorded information: 020 7312 2463 General information: 020 7306 0055 Website:


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