Jul 28, 2009

Could Vera Zvonareva be the "Mall Queen of Tennis"?

Roger Federer and Jelena Jankovic are some of the tennis players who have done it.

Vera Zvonareva joined them by making an appearance at the largest local shopping mall in Istanbul, Turkey as a part of a promotion event for the Istanbul Cup this week.

Now this is really weird because Zvonareva kind of remind me of Tiffany, the red-haired all-American teenage singer who promoted her songs by touring shopping malls across America back in the late 80s!

At the event, Zvonareva played tennis on a mini tennis court with Turkish player Ipek Senoglu and then signed autographs and interacted with the local tennis fans.

She also took part in the tournament's opening ceremonies at the Archeological Museum on the same day.

Thanks to IMG for the photos and updates.

(Images by Turgay Arslanturkoglu)

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