Jul 26, 2009

Charlene Riva & Myla Rose Federer tipped to win Wimbledon?

Nuh-uh... this is not one of the Federer twins.

Gotta be kidding me!

In just less than 48 hours after Roger Federer's twin girls were born, British bookies had already posted odds on Charlene Riva and Myla Rose.

The bookies offered 100-1 for either Charlene Riva or Myla Rose to win the Wimbledon championship title.

The twins are 25-1 to claim one of the four grand slams with all bets based on either doing so before their 25th birthdays.

The girls are also 50-1 to win a grand slam as part of the same doubles team and 200-1 to take the Wimbledon doubles crown.

Roger Federer and parents visiting Mirka and babies at the clinic.

If I were one of the twin tots, I would grow up and do something else besides tennis... perhaps be a fashion designer.

(Via Reuters)

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