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Oct 28, 2008

Shame on the organizers at Seoul Challenger!

Frankly, I don't blog about Challenger events until recently.

The first one I ever did was Tashkent Challenger. If you have followed the recent posts, you know I highly praised the organizer as well as the media team for their professionalism and passion in the tournament.

With the help from Esther, I thought why not blog about the next Challenger event in Seoul.

We quickly realized that Seoul Challenger is no Tashkent Challenger.

Firstly, the media team in Seoul doesn't provide materials (press conference, press releases, etc) in English.

Never mind the language barrier.

The saddest thing happened when the organizer practice favoritism and 'ill-treated' the players.

The following are some of the info that I've gathered from Rendy Lu's forum including posting from Rendy's brother, Thomas.
  1. Organizer did not change the venue from outdoor to indoor despite the windy condition and playing under the temperature of 5 degrees! Even Danai Udomchoke complained about the cold temperature in his website.
  2. When home boy, Lee Hyung Teik was playing against Rendy in the semifinal, the organizer decided to change the venue to indoor during the last minute.
  3. The organizer did not provide an umbrella for Rendy to walk from the players lounge to the indoor stadium to continue the semifinal match.
  4. When inside, things were chaotic as all seats were filled up with supporters and according to Thomas the organizer didn't allocate seats for player and team.
  5. After a few unfair judgments, during the 1st game of 2nd set, Rendy called for the trainer to check on his injured toe (a result from playing 2 matches in one day under cold weather and until night). Rendy who felt he was being treated unfairly decided to retire from the semifinal match and handed Mr Lee the walkover.
In the final result, Mr Lee beat Ivo Minar 6-4, 6-0 to take the Seoul Challenger title.

Now that they are playing in Busan, South Korea, we hope the organizer here would not repeat the same mistakes as what Seoul did last week.

May the best man wins.

Oct 24, 2008

Rendy Lu's updates at Seoul Challenger

I think I should spend some time to blog a bit about Rendy Lu Yen-Hsun (盧彥勳) who is having a great run at the Seoul Challenger this week.

Despite suffering from a jet lag and rain delay during the tournament, Rendy is doing everything he can to repeat his feat at Tashkent Challenger last week.

By the way, the new ATP ranking reveals a better position for Rendy; at no. 65, he is right behind Kei Nishikori.

Well, Kei is already out for the season due to a right knee injury. Here's a chance for Rendy to redeem himself and snatch back his position as the top Asian male player.

Today, Rendy who is the 2nd seed beat Bjorn Phau in the third round 7-6 (6), 7-5. He will play home boy Lee Hyung-Taik in the semifinal tomorrow.

In another semifinal match, Ivo Minar will face off with Thailand no. 1 Danai Udomchoke.

Click here for the main draw singles and here for the main draw doubles.

I'll leave you with some pictures of Rendy Lu at the Seoul Challenger forwarded by Esther via Rendy's brother, Thomas. The second picture below was taken earlier this week with Takao Suzuki.

Rendy, 加油 (Jia you in Mandarin means C'mon) and good luck for the weekend!

(Via Rendy's website)

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