Mar 6, 2007

finally convert to Firefox

Finally I've decided to change my browser from Internet Explorer (IE) to Firefox. Usually I'm a loyal user and reluctant to change a tool or something that I've been using all this while. But somehow I decided to download Firefox and give it a try. And it was a good choice.

I'm not a tech geek so I wouldn't be able to talk about the technical stuff about Firefox. And I haven't really explore the available features in Firefox.

However I must say that I love the (obviously different from IE) tab feature. It means I can open new tabs within a window instead of opening new windows. The Google toolbar is user-friendly. I can do spelling check, check the Page Rank (PR) of blogs and websites, subscribe to news and blogs, etc.

The speed is okay. I don't really feel if there's any difference from IE. The tool options are not bad because I think I have better control of the setting to my browser.

Now that I've been using Firefox for a week, I don't think I need IE anymore.
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