Mar 6, 2007

Linda Onn was taken off the air

Poor Linda Onn. The Malay Mail reported that she was taken off from her radio show on ERA FM 20 minutes after the show.

She was supposed to go on air at her usual 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. slot but listeners were surprised by the sudden replacement by Nana. Hence, this sparked the rumours that she had been suspended by her bosses.

According to the interview with the Malay Mail, Linda said that she was taken off the show because her bosses were "extra concerned" and felt she might be tired and needed a rest.

In another article on the same page, Star TV associate vice-president distribution and marketing SEA, Nini Yusof said that Linda's non-appearance is not their focus anymore. However she continued by saying that "Star Movies sent two Asian hosts to the Academy Awards Red Carpet to report for us and not to walk the red carpet".

Hope Linda will bersabar and wait for this issue to calm down.
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