Oct 31, 2008

Spooky tennis-theme ideas for Halloween party

You are heading for a Halloween party tonight and have no idea of what to wear? Here are some suggestions for you.

If you are lazy or just want to a simple so-called Halloween costume, try put on a Novak Djokovic's Zorro/Green Hornet mask. Simply match it with your usual tennis gears and hopefully you'll have a no djoke party tonight.

Alternatively you can try something more interesting.

If the Green Hornet mask does not work for you, what about try turning yourself into a Rafael Nadal the Incredible Hulk? How to do it? Get some green body paint and paint yourself all over. Great on guys with biceps.

Alright not spooky enough?

Try this one: Youzhny the Bloody Headcase. Easy to do and bloody scary too. Just put some fake blood on your head (where else?), dress up your tennis gears and with a broken racquet, voila your are ready for your Halloween party!

I'm wishing everyone a fa-BOO-lous and SPOOK-tacular Halloween :D (copied from my friend's comment in FB)! Have fun!

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