Feb 14, 2007

Q&A on Buddhism - part 6

Disclaimer: For non-Muslims or Buddhists only unless if you are reading this for knowledge purpose. This is a Q&A with HH Sakya Trizin.

This is the continuation from part 5.

Q: Love and compassion are good, but doesn't there come a point when it is better to be angry with people? Is anger ever justified?

A: Maybe, if the intension is white, even though the action is black. Even if you are angry, if it is with the thought of benefiting a being, your anger arises from compassion, and whatever arises out of compassion is good. If the root is medicinal, even if the fruit appears bad, it will be medicinal.

Q: Buddhism is often thought of as leading to negative and passive behaviour.

A: This is true if you enter and abide in Liberation. But if you enter the Great Way, instead of selfish desire for liberated quiescence, you have compassion which is the active desire for benefit of all beings.

Q: Buddhism is sometimes said to be atheistic because it holds that there is no God.

A: Buddhism does not believe in a God as the creator of the world and, in that sense, you might say it is atheistic. If however, God is something else, a divine compassion or a divine wisdom, manifest in the form of a deity, you might say that Buddhism is not atheistic but polytheistic.

I intend to make this short for easy reading. In the next post, we'll look at what is Emptiness, a term often used in Buddhism.

Disclaimer: This interview was taken from the book "Pointing Towards Vajrayana" published by The Singapore Buddha Sasana Society Sakya Tenphel Ling. The Palden Sakya Centres of American Buddhism Sakya Shei Drup Ling actually holds the right of this text.
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