Nov 9, 2008

Jeff Ooi promotes Kings of Tennis, appears to be ignorant

Dear Jeff Ooi,

I do hope you know what you are talking about. You might be good in politicking but when it comes to tennis, I really hope you do some homework first.

It will be a wish come true to see all tennis super stars in action in one city.

How I wish Marat Safin would come to Penang. Or even Rafael Nadal who is currently injured but still preparing for Davis Cup final next week.

And if you still haven't know, Tennis Masters Cup has just begun, so don't even hope that Roger Federer and Andy Roddick will drop by this week.

But you can meet up with Roger Federer on November 18 though, if you have purchased your Showdown of Champions ticket.

Yeah, Arianna said the tournament is on but that contradicts with the statement made by the media at Kings of Tennis,Sweden. And Roy Emerson, the captain of Team America again said the event has been canceled.

I hope there is a back up plan. Or the organizers come up with a solution by early this week.

And Jeff Ooi, please stick to your politics. Now I'll have to shut up and stick back to my topics too.

Yeah, some of you might think I'm trying to make this Kings of Tennis event a political one.

But first, this post is meant to tease Jeff Ooi.

Now here's the serious part. Please.... read carefully.

Read again the article from Sunday Star today and you'll realized the organizer is trying to blame the Penang government for not being supportive which is denied by the Penang State Tourism Development, Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee chairman Danny Law.

Think about this, if the event is canceled as stated by media team at Kings of Tennis based in Sweden and also by the player himself, who do you think will face the consequences? You can't blame the Penang government because they are just the key sponsor and doesn't own Kings of Tennis. The event belongs to some Swedish entrepreneurs!

By the way, Kings of Tennis event has been removed from the Visit Penang website. Click on the images to enlarge.

The conclusion is I'm on the Penang government side and also the players sides, who are all former no. 1 players in the world. The organisers must solve their own problems.

Now I really, really have to stick back to my usual topics.

Click here to read about the event which is now officially cancelled.

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