Nov 12, 2008

Kings of Tennis is OFFICIALLY cancelled

Thanks to Johan P. the press officer at Kings of Tennis for forwarding the official media statement to me issued by Ming, KH & Associated Sdn Bhd on behalf of Kings of Tennis.

Here's the content of the release. To download the file, click here and "save file to your PC".



11 November 2008: As the producers of the Kings of Tennis concept, we wish to inform and confirm that we have with regret, removed the players from participating in the Kings of Tennis event scheduled to take place in Georgetown, Penang on 14-16 November 2008. Consequently, the event has been cancelled as we notified the local promoter/organiser last week.

We express our sincere apologies to the public and all those parties concerned but we simply could not provide the players without payment of promised funds that did not materialise despite a number of ultimatums given to the local promoter/organiser by our organisation.

Kings of Tennis

I believe we will see the official news in papers tomorrow and on how you can get your refund back.

Official news of event cancellation is available at The Star today.

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