Nov 11, 2008

Kings of Tennis or Kings of Comedies?

Thanks to TennisPunk for inspiring the title of this blog.

I've lost count of how many times I've stressed in my blog that the cancellation of Kings of Tennis is based on reliable source: media at Kings of Tennis Sweden, player's statement and also endless investigation from tennis fans including SK Boey and I.

And in the latest email I received from the webmaster at Marat Safin OFFICIAL website, denisem the webmaster confirmed that Marat Safin is NOT COMING to Malaysia for King of Tennis!

From his official website, it seems that Safin is in Miami beach building his tan to match his girlfriend Nastya Osipova!

And for one last time before tomorrow comes, please read the latest update from SK Boey's blog.

Click here to read about the event which is now officially cancelled.

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